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18 Exciting Science Halloween Door Decorations

Get inspired for Halloween with these clever science Halloween door decorations for elementary and middle school. It’s the perfect way to join in designing Halloween classroom doors when you are part of the science lab!

One of the best things about teaching science in elementary school is the fact that you get to decorate your classroom door or walls.

All the teachers I know say that decorating their classroom is one of their favorite parts of the job! And personally, I love a highly-decorated classroom as a parent- because decorating teachers tend to be more involved across the board!

20+ science Halloween door decorations that are perfect for bringing a bit of mad science to the classroom! Easy to make with no special supplies!

If you need new inspiration for your Halloween classroom doors, these science decorating ideas are just what you need to bring a bit of spark back into the STEM classroom.

Although you don’t need science lab decoration ideas to teach STEM activities for kids, it certainly makes your classroom more exciting for kids and you’ll totally win your school’s Halloween door decorating contest (if your school doesn’t do this yet, start it!)

Silly and Spooky Science Halloween Door Decorations

Decorating a classroom door doesn’t have to be complicated, although a lot of schools offer prizes for the best Halloween classroom doors (or you could always start a contest pool with your fellow teachers!).

Although original ideas are a lot of fun, sometimes you won’t have time to come up with a unique Halloween door idea on your own. That’s where we come in!

classroom door designer

How to Design a Science Halloween Classroom Door

Most classroom doors are made using various art supplies. Bright green, orange, black, and purple are popular colors at Halloween.

One quick tip is to use pre-made letters. You do NOT want to be spending hours cutting out paper letters. You can always reuse the letters for multiple ideas.

If you can’t use staples, sticky tack or duct tape tends to have the strongest bonding power.

Before heading to the craft store (or Amazon, hello), it helps to sketch out the idea on paper. Then you can use a measuring tape to find out exactly how much of each item you will need so you don’t over-buy.

And the beauty of these doors is that if you are careful, you can use them year after year with just a few touch-ups.

What You Need to Make Science Halloween Door Decorations

Even More Creative Halloween Door Designs!

If you can’t get enough inspiration for the perfect science Halloween classroom door design, check out these other lists of creative classroom door designs perfect for October!

t inspired with these science door decorating ideas for Halloween with these clever science-themed Halloween classroom doors.

And if you need help designing your door, or want to come up with your own ideas, download our free classroom door designer to help you create memorable door designs that your students will remember for years to come.

classroom door designer

The science Halloween door ideas are perfect for a science lab door decoration, or for any classroom that wants to embrace mad science this October!

If you’ve already planned all of your science experiments for kids for the year, then you’re ready to move on to Halloween science classroom decorating!

Check out the list of our favorite science Halloween classroom door ideas in the printable list below!

Creative Science Halloween Door Decorations for Mad Science Fun!

What's spookier than a mad scientist? Why not embrace the darker side of science when you design your classroom door with one of these science Halloween door decorations! You don't even have to be a science teacher to try these fun science classroom door ideas for Halloween.

So there you have it! These are the best science-themed Halloween classroom doors for your classroom Halloween door contest.

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