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The Best Free Websites for STEM Activities

Today, I’m featuring the best websites for STEM activities and science projects. Some of my favorite resource blogs for STEM projects are made by science teachers, simply because they often have better access to lab equipment, etc! No harm in learning from a wide range of sources.

And learning from others is the best way to learn how to teach STEM at home! Kids love learning along with their caregivers, and you may find that you learn a lot along the way, too!

These are the best websites for STEM activities for kids that won't cost you a dime! Never run out of STEM activity ideas!

The Best Resources for Free STEM Activities

There are so many amazing free STEM resources available today. You’ll never run out of STEM activity ideas after visiting these websites.

Of course, STEM activities do require some supplies! So before you check out the list of STEM activity ideas, you might want to make sure your classroom or home is fully stocked with STEM supplies before starting!

Why is STEM Important?

STEM education is vitally important for providing children with the skills to thrive in the modern world.

For teachers and parents, fostering a STEM-driven educational environment gives kids the opportunity to explore and understand science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an engaging and meaningful way.

STEM extension worksheets

STEM education allows kids to solve real-world problems and develop critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity — essential skills for thriving in the ever-changing job market.

Whether your child wants to become a scientist, engineer, mathematician, programmer, or designer, providing them with a comprehensive STEM education is the key to a bright future.

Find out more about why is STEM is important for kids here!

Essential Supplies for STEM Activities

These supplies are essential for STEM activities! You can also browse our recommendations for supplies for science experiments here.

5 of the Best Free Websites for STEM Activities

These websites for STEM activities offer the very best in hands-on STEM education for teachers and parents.


We love STEM activities for kids here at STEAMsational. You’ll always find us trying to do a new science experiment, math activity, engineering project, or some other activity that combines all STEM topics!

STEAMsational has STEM activities for toddlers through middle school. I’m particularly fond of this selection of unicorn science experiments.

These are among the best websites for STEM activities for kids that are free! Never run out of STEM activity inspiration again!

Go Science Kids

Go Science Kids offers science and STEM projects for kids of all ages.

The STEM Laboratory

The STEM Laboratory is a good resource for finding simple, easy STEM projects you can do at home for kids in K-2nd grade.

The site not only offers activity ideas, but also printables to complement other STEM activities and studies you may be doing at home.

STEM extension worksheets

STEM Works

STEM Works is meant for traditional school teachers, but homeschooling families can use the same project ideas to complete projects at home.

All STEM activities are divided by topic, which makes it easy to find a hands-on project for a particular theme or unit study.

Science Bob

Science Bob has tons of science project ideas and activities for elementary kids.

One of the coolest things about this site is how many videos it has illustrating how to do the activities, which is helpful if you’re not quite sure how a project is meant to go.

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