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50+ Halloween Classroom Doors that will Win Any Halloween Door Contest!

One of the best things about teaching in preschool or elementary (in my opinion) is the ability to decorate your classroom door for the season! There are so many fun classroom door decorations out there, but one of my very favorite seasons to decorate for is Halloween! So here are some of my favorite Halloween classroom doors that are sure to bring a smile to any student’s face.

Most of these Halloween door ideas for the classroom can be created in under an hour, and you’ll even find links to some peel and stick door designs that you can put up in under 10 minutes!

Over 20 amazing Halloween classroom doors that will win any Halloween door contest! Easy Halloween classroom door ideas for anyone!

Now, lets keep finding out how to make the best Halloween classroom door ever!

The Best Halloween Classroom Doors for Any Grade

Is there a reason to spend a lot of time focused on decorating a classroom door rather than lesson planning or grading student papers? How much value does a cute door really bring to the classroom?

Kids like to learn in a fun environment, and they can tell that a teacher who goes the extra mile to make a pretty seasonal display on their door or anywhere else in the classroom is a teacher who cares more about them as a person.

And, how often can you be silly and fun in other parts of your life, anyway? Embrace your inner child and bust out a creative Halloween door design!

Where to Buy Supplies for Halloween Classroom Doors

I also like shopping for door decorations at Oriental Trading Company, because they carry a wide range of pre-made door designs that you can use alone or as the base of a more creative and elaborate Halloween door. Find their Halloween door decorations here.

Surprisingly enough, you can also find a lot of fun Halloween door designs on Etsy! Here are some of my favorite Halloween door designs:

And if you want to come up with your own ideas, use our classroom door designer template. It’s free!

classroom door designer

The Best Halloween Classroom Doors to Make

If you love decorating your classroom door for Halloween, then you are likely always on the hunt for new and creative ideas. Here you’ll find some of our very favorite classroom door designs that will be sure to win the Halloween door design contest at your school.

How often can you be silly and fun in other parts of your life, anyway? Embrace your inner child and bust out a creative Halloween door design!

Scary Halloween Classroom Door Ideas

The scary Halloween door designs for the classroom are some of the most fun to make and look at! After all, what is Halloween without a little bit of fright!

A skeleton classroom door can be both educational and spooky for Halloween.

These science Halloween door decorations are a bit scary because what is scarier than a mad scientist?

For even more scary ideas, check out this list of scary Halloween classroom door decorations.

I was always afraid of Jack Skellington as a child. I think that a Jack Skellington door decoration on your classroom door could be quite scary!

Cute Halloween Classroom Doors

Sometimes you want some fun Halloween classroom door ideas that aren’t scary. These are the perfect designs!

These pumpkin classroom door ideas are filled with Jack-o-lantern classroom door designs and other fun pumpkin themes!

What is more cute than candy? A candy-themed classroom door is the perfect non-scary Halloween door design.

And if you need even more ideas, check out these cute Halloween classroom door ideas.

Halloween Themed Classroom Doors

Here you will find all sorts of fun Halloween classroom doors with classic Halloween themes like spiders, bats, candy, witches, and more!

The classic spider is of course one of the best choices for Halloween. Learn how to make a spider classroom door decoration here.

A bat classroom door is a classic and quite easy to make.

It is a lot of fun to create your own mummy classroom door, and there are so many fun ways to make one!

Unusual Halloween Classroom Door Designs

Sometimes you need to think a little bit outside of the box! Try some of these Halloween door design ideas and get creative!

Check out these creative Halloween door contest ideas for some real winning designs!

And these 3D Halloween door decorations will really “stand out” from the competition. Ha!

classroom door designer

Does your school do a Halloween door contest every year? If not, why not start one this year!

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