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Creative Halloween STEM Activities for Fourth Grade

Halloween STEM activities for fourth grade are a fun way for 4th graders to explore science, technology, engineering, and math during Halloween!

If you teach fourth graders, or are parenting a fourth grader, you know they are still curious about the world!

That makes this the perfect time to pique their interest in creative Halloween STEM activities.

Halloween STEM activities for 4th grade are a fun way for 4th graders to explore science, technology, engineering, and math during Halloween!

No matter what time of year, I love using seasonal STEM activities to capture children’s imagination and get them to think outside the box.

My goal is to teach kids to be innovators, problem solvers, and creative thinkers, and I believe that hands-on STEM activities are one of the best ways to do so!

This Halloween, embrace the dark side of science with these 4th grade Halloween STEM activities!

Fourth Grade STEM Activities for Halloween that Kids Will Love!

halloween science for 4th grade

4th grade kids will have a blast learning and using these Halloween STEM ideas!

Don’t forget to check out the complete list of Halloween STEM activities here.

How to Do Halloween STEM Activities in Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, kids are old enough to do most of the activities without help from an adult.

I always introduce the concept before I hand out any supplies to kids, and I like to have fourth graders work in small groups when they can.

halloween science activities 4th grade

In some cases, it can be helpful to assign roles to the students, like one is the designer, one is the recorder, and one is the engineer. This can help keep kids on track and prevent conflict.

Fourth graders should be able to apply scientific concepts to their problem solving and draw conclusions on their own.

I don’t like having “right” answers in STEM class, as there really isn’t right or wrong in science, only experiments and hypotheses.

One important element to include in fourth grade is a science journal, or a STEM activity worksheet.

What You Need for 4th Grade Halloween STEM Activities

When you are doing Halloween STEM activities with kids, you’ll need some fun spooky items in addition to regular basic STEM activity supplies.

Here are the basic STEM supplies we like to use:

You’ll want to have either large plastic trays (I use this kind), a sensory table, or official STEM bins to put your activities in.

For Halloween specifically, you will probably want some Halloween figures like plastic bugs, eyeballs, or Halloween mini toys.

For the activities listed below, you’ll also want to have on hand:

Don’t forget to pick up a set of Halloween STEM challenge cards!

halloween stem challenge cards

Easy Fourth Grade Halloween STEM Activities

fourth grade halloween stem activities

Try these 4th grade Halloween STEM challenges with your classroom or at home with your 4th grader!

4th Grade Halloween Science Experiments

Fourth graders will love these science experiments.

Try this Halloween Salt Crystallization Experiment and learn about the different types of molecular bonds.

Explore crystal science and make Salt Crystal Pumpkins.

If you’re tired of pumpkins and spooky things, 4th graders will like these Leaf Science Experiments.

4th graders will have a blast learning with Candy STEM Activities!

Make a Halloween mad scientist lab with this Mad Scientist Potion!

4th Grade Halloween Technology Activities

These STEM activities have a technology twist.

4th graders usually still love slime, and slime is a fun way to talk about technology. Try these 11 Halloween Slime recipes.

One of our favorite 4th grade Halloween STEM activities is this Spooky Diving Ghost Experiment.

Learn the basics of chemistry and how to classify materials with this Ghost Chromatography experiment.

4th Grade Halloween Engineering Activities

4th grade halloween stem activities

Make engineering spooky!

If your 4th graders love zombies, they will love these Creepy Zombie Crafts for Kids.

I4th graders will love this Halloween catapult activity, which can be built in under 5 minutes!

Bring small bacteria into visible size by making edible bacteria candy.

4th Grade Halloween Math Challenges

These free math challenges are perfect for the 4th grade classroom.

Halloween multiplication and division

Halloween rounding numbers

Halloween math bump games

Halloween place value sort

halloween stem challenge cards

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