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Halloween STEM Activities for Fifth Grade

Halloween STEM activities for 5th grade are a fun way for 5th graders to explore science, technology, engineering, and math during Halloween!

Try these Halloween STEM activities and Halloween science experiments as part of your creative STEM activities for kids this year.

5th grade halloween stem activities

Fifth graders will love adding these spooky elements to science class this October.

Fifth Grade STEM Activities for Halloween that Kids Will Love!

If you are teaching kids in fifth grade, or have a fifth grader at home, these are the perfect October STEM activities for 5th grade!

How to Do Halloween STEM Activities in 5th Grade

In fifth grade, kids should be moving toward independence in learning.

This means that most activities should be done with minimal adult imput.

halloween stem activities fifth grade

You can break kiddos into groups of 3-4 to work on projects together. It’s helpful to assign STEM roles to fifth graders to help them keep on track. For example, you might have a recorder, an engineer (who sets up the experiment), and a tester.

Fifth graders should always use a science notebook or STEM worksheet after completing their experiments.

What You Need for 5th Grade Halloween STEM Activities

When you are doing Halloween STEM activities with kids, you’ll need some fun spooky items in addition to regular basic STEM activity supplies.

Here are the basic STEM supplies we like to use:

You’ll want to have either large plastic trays (I use this kind), a sensory table, or official STEM bins to put your activities in.

For Halloween specifically, you will probably want some Halloween figures like plastic bugs, eyeballs, or Halloween mini toys.

For the activities listed below, you’ll also want to have on hand:

Don’t forget to pick up a set of Halloween STEM challenge cards!

halloween stem challenge cards

Easy 5th Grade Halloween STEM Activities

Halloween STEM activities for 5th grade are a fun way for 5th graders to explore science, technology, engineering, and math during Halloween!

If you are teaching science, technology, engineering, or math to fifth graders this year, or just have a STEM-loving fifth grader at home, then you’ll have a blast exploring these spooky Halloween STEM activities perfect for 5th graders!

5th Grade Halloween Science Experiments

These Halloween science experiments have a spooky twist that will appeal to fifth graders.

Make this Halloween Salt Crystallization Experiment and learn about solutions and molecular bonding.

This spooky version of the leakproof brain in a bag experiment will delight the spooky side of fifth graders.

Fifth graders will like learning How to Make Eyeball Slime so they can gross out the neighborhood this Halloween!

For the zombie-loving fifth graders, try this easy Zombie Slime recipe.

Learn about glow in the dark science when you do the Glow in the Dark Oobleck Experiment.

Fifth graders will love creating their own mad scientist potion in the classroom or at home.

Fifth Grade Halloween Technology Activities

fifth grade halloween stem activities

Technology plays a big role in these Halloween technology projects!

Find out the best way to put on a Halloween Shadow Puppet show! The lighting has to be just right!

See what technology goes into this Spooky Diving Ghost Experiment and learn how real divers control their position in the water.

Learn about the types of bacteria and what shape they commonly come in when you make edible bacteria candy.

5th Grade Halloween Engineering Activities

Fifth graders will have the most fun with these Halloween-inspired engineering projects.

See what it take to create and preserve Halloween Monster Eggs.

Learn how to make Gross and Jiggly Halloween Jello Worms. It really is a feat of engineering and creativity!

A lot of fifth graders love Minecraft. Explore their love of Minecraft and include engineering when you make these Exploding Minecraft Alka Seltzer Rockets.

5th Grade Halloween Math Challenges

halloween science for 5th grade

These math challenges are spooky, but they aren’t scary just because they are math. Math is fun!

What fifth grader wouldn’t want to try these fun Halloween multiplication and division exercises?

Practice rounding numbers with these Halloween rounding number games.

Fifth graders are all about that order of operations. Try this fun Halloween order of operations version.

Fifth graders will have a lot of spooky fun with these fifth grade common core math challenges.

halloween stem challenge cards

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