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14 Not-so-Spooky Halloween STEM Activities for Second Grade

Halloween STEM activities for 2nd grade are a fun way for 2nd graders to explore science, technology, engineering, and math during Halloween!

It’s Halloween, and that means all things spooky, creepy, and if you are us, it means Halloween STEM activities!

I love how the spooky side of Halloween combined with mad scientist labs makes October a popular season for science!

As far as I’m concerened, the more kids are able to explore science in fun hands-on ways the better!

Halloween STEM activities for 2nd grade are a fun way for 2nd graders to explore science, technology, engineering, and math during Halloween!

So, whether you are just looking for a fun experiment for glow in the dark oobleck, or if you are a teacher looking for fun ways to bring Halloween into the classroom, you’ll love these Halloween STEM activities for second graders!

Second Grade STEM Activities for Halloween that Kids Will Love!

Take a look at this list of Halloween science for 2nd grade and pick a few to try this spooky season!

How to Do Halloween STEM Activities in 2nd Grade

Halloween STEM Activities for second grade

In second grade, kids are starting to learn how to work together, so I like to divide the kids into groups.

Second graders can also work independantly to conduct their STEM experiments.

Second grade is one of the first times that children are able to complete the logic behind a science experiment, so I like to focus on the scientific method and process for this age group.

What You Need for Second Grade Halloween STEM Activities

When you are doing Halloween STEM activities with kids, you’ll need some fun spooky items in addition to regular basic STEM activity supplies.

Here are the basic STEM supplies we like to use:

You’ll want to have either large plastic trays (I use this kind), a sensory table, or official STEM bins to put your activities in.

For Halloween specifically, you will probably want some Halloween figures like plastic bugs, eyeballs, or Halloween mini toys.

For the activities listed below, you’ll also want to have on hand:

Don’t forget to pick up a set of Halloween STEM challenge cards!

halloween stem challenge cards

Easy 2nd Grade Halloween STEM Activities

2nd grade halloween stem activities

Here are some of the favorite Halloween science experiments and STEM activities that my kids loved in second grade.

Second Grade Halloween Science Experiments

Halloween science is one of my favorite things all year long. My second graders have always loved things that are a bit gross, so they will love these!

Check out all of our gross Science Experiments here!

Make these Halloween Jello Worms for sensory and science fun!

Learn about the importance of hand washing in the Hand Washing Science Experiment.

Make your own volcano in a pumpkin in this pumpkin volcano experiment.

2nd Grade Halloween Technology Activities

Kids will love making this Fall Leaf Slime.

If you need even more slime ideas, try the complete list of Halloween Slime recipes.

Second graders will love putting on a puppet show with these Printable Halloween Shadow Puppets.

2nd Grade Halloween Engineering Activities

halloween science activities for 2nd grade

Give your STEM activities an engineering focus!

Learn about polymer bonds when you make the brain in a bag experiment.

Second graders will have a blast setting up a mad scientist potion.

Try the Spider Web Slime and learn about non-Newtonian fluids!

Second Grade Halloween Math Challenges

Try these second-grade approved math activities if you feel the need to get extra mathy this season!

halloween science for second grade

Make a Halloween math book.

Second graders will have fun wiht this Halloween color by math worksheet.

Try a Halloween math game with second grade math concepts.

Second graders will have a blast with these Halloween ghost games.

halloween stem challenge cards

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