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11 Halloween Slime Recipes Perfect for Spooky Season

Whether you’re looking for slime recipes to try with your class this year, or want more Halloween STEM activities at home or school, you will adore these creepy, crawly Halloween slime recipes that will delight and fright your favorite little people.

You’ll find enough Halloween slime recipes here to use up an entire gallon bottle of glue!

Learn how to make Halloween slime with this list of super fun Halloween slime recipes!

Love slime? Love Halloween? Combine your two favorites with these amazing Halloween slime ideas that will make your Halloween slime recipes perfect!


Just mention the word to any parent or teacher and you’ll get a strong reaction.

“I HATE slime.”

“Slime is amazing!”

This collection of Halloween slime recipes are for true slime lovers.

How to Make Halloween Slime

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Not all the recipes in this collection use the same base, but our favorite slime recipe is a mix of laundry starch, Elmer’s clear glue, and water. Learn more about how to make slime here.

The key to slime making is to understand that it may come out slightly differently every time, due to external factors, like humidity, ingredients, and the ratio you’re using at the time.

But all this variation is what makes slime so amazing!

halloween slime recipes

What you need to make any Halloween slime recipe

These are the ingredients you need to make a Halloween slime recipe, no matter what version you are making!

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How to Make DIY Halloween Slime

how to make slime for halloween

The secret to good slime is picking the right ingredients and putting them together in the right order.

We always use Elmer’s glue and name-brand laundry starch, Borax, or contact solution as an activator.

You can also now purchase slime activator that works well.

Using the right ingredients is the number one way to have success with your slime recipes.

The next thing to pay attention to is the look of your slime.

We have some tips on slime troubleshooting here, which can really help ensure your slime comes out right and lasts a long time.

We also love this little kit from Elmer’s, which has tons of slime variations all in one box!

halloween stem challenge cards

The Best Halloween Slime Recipes for October

Make these Halloween slime recipes for party favors, to gross out the kids, or to learn something sciency this Halloween!

All of these Halloween DIY slime recipes have been tested in our kitchen, and the kids ask to make them again each year!

This Skull Slime is dark and pirate-y and any pirate lover will have a blast with it!

Our Eyeball Slime is one of the most creepy and my kids thought it was delightfully gross when they came up with the idea. The eyeball slime is definitely one they ask to make again every year!

how to make halloween slime

This bubbling Slime recipe bubbles and is super gooey and is one of the only non-glue slimes on this list.

Try making this fun Ghost Slime and kids will have giving their ghost slime different expressions!

The thickness and stringiness of this Zombie Slime is super fun for zombie-loving kiddos.

The recipe of this Spider web Slime feels and looks just like spider skilk!

Why not bring a bit of education to your Halloween activities? This 3D Blood Model Slime show kids just what their blood is made of.

If your kids like things that boil and burst, they will love this Boiling Blood Slime.

halloween slime recipe

Get messy and goopy with the Glow in the Dark oobleck! Play in the bathroom to make it even more fun. You can also try this glow in the dark fluffy slime.

This Edible Taffy Snot Slime is a less-stiff taffy recipe, and it really does look just like snot! This would be perfect to serve at a Halloween party.

This green Magnesium Flake Snot Slime looks a lot like sticky snot, and it’s the only recipe that I know of for magnesium-based slime, which replaces starch, contact solution, or borax.

If your kids love these slime recipes, they will love the complete list of Halloween STEAM challenges. Just click the banner below to get the free set!

halloween stem challenge cards

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