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12 Not-So-Scary Halloween Sensory Activities for Kids

The instant school starts up again, my mind goes straight to Halloween. It doesn’t take a huge budget to make Halloween fun in the classroom. If you’re teaching younger kids this year, try some of these fun Halloween sensory activities with your kiddos.

These sensory activities for Halloween will delight sensory seekers and are the perfect way to bring Halloween STEM into a class of younger kiddos. Try these activities with preschoolers, at daycare, or in early elementary. Or, try them at home with kids of any age!

Make Halloween fun for the littlest spooky fans with these adorable Halloween sensory activities! These sensory projects are perfect for little learners.

You might just be surprised at how much older kids love these Halloween sensory activities as well.

Easy Halloween Sensory Activities for Preschool

If you have early learners, you’ll love trying out these sensory activities with a Halloween twist!

These activities will fill sensory input needs but aren’t too scary for little kids!

Keep reading to find my favorite Halloween sensory ideas for early learners.

How to Set Up A Sensory Bin

A sensory bin (it doesn’t have to be a bin, you can use a table or tray, too) contains items that are designed to simulate a toddler or preschooler’s senses to help them explore the world.

Sensory activities are one of the earliest forms of STEM education for little ones.

I like to set up my sensory activities either in a dedicated area of a classroom (if you’re doing them in a classroom setting) or in the kitchen or patio of my house (depending on how messy the activity is).

You’ll want to have either large plastic trays (I use this kind), a sensory table, or official STEM bins to put your activities in.

For Halloween specifically, you will probably want some Halloween figures like plastic bugs, eyeballs, or Halloween mini toys.

For the activities listed below, you’ll also want to have on hand:

Halloween Sensory Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Keep reading to find a list of our favorite Halloween sensory activities for kids!

The first step to STEM projects for toddlers is to explore the world- and what better way to do that than with sensory activities?

Little kids will love exploring the world with these activities that explore smell, touch, sight, taste, and hearing!

halloween stem calendar

12 Halloween Sensory Activities that will Delight, Not Fright

Little Halloween fans will be delighted by these hands-on sensory activities for Halloween. Try one or several with your kiddos this year!

Try the Bubbling Slime and get sticky!

Little kids will have a lot of fun making Spider web Slime.

The Erupting Mad Scientist Potion creates foam and fun for kids!

Learn how to make a jello brain without a mold and explore the gooey side of science.

You can also try making Wiggly Jello Worms.

Make Halloween fun for the littlest spooky fans with these adorable Halloween sensory activities! These sensory projects are perfect for little learners.

This Zombie Slime is tons of fun to make with little kids!

Try this Eyeball STEM Challenge and explore the senses and engineering!

Do the create your own Monster STEM Activity and explore multiple senses at once.

Create Halloween Monster Eggs and explore the textures of oil and eggs and the look of colored patterns!

Toddlers and preschoolers will also have a lot of fun trying out these other Monster Science experiments.

Set up this Halloween mad scientist potion lab and explore the sensory side of chemical reactions that are safe for even the youngest kids to try!

Explore sight and light science when you make Halloween shadow puppets!

halloween stem calendar

More Halloween STEM for Little Kids

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Spooky Printable Halloween Shadow Puppets

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