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Jelly Bean STEM Experiments

Now that spring is here, we’re thinking about Easter STEM activities. I don’t know why, but I usually only want to eat jelly beans when it’s Easter. I realize they are candies that you can get any time of year, but I don’t seem to want them unless they are in an Easter basket! This year, I thought, why not try to bring jelly beans into the STEM classroom? These jelly bean STEM experiments do just that!

And if you get tired of jelly bean STEM activities, you may want to check out our list of Easter slime recipes, Peeps STEM activities, and egg science experiments.

Try these exciting jelly bean STEM experiments and STEM activities for some Easter flair in the classroom!

What are Jelly Bean STEAM Activities?

A jelly bean STEM experiment or STEAM activity is simply a STEM activity that uses jelly beans as part of the challenge.

Adding something fun like candy to a STEM activity can make it more fun for kids and candy is usually an inexpensive material that the whole class can use.

If you are looking for unique Easter STEM activities, then why not try these STEM activities that use jelly beans!

Most of these project ideas can be turned into complete STEM activities, but I’ve broken the jelly bean activities into the five usual STEM topics, science, technology, engineering, and math.

jelly bean stem projects

Jelly Bean STEM Activities for Kids

Try these jelly bean STEM experiments with your kids in the classroom or at home! Kids will have a blast creating their own STEM challenges inspired by jelly beans, too!

easter stem challenges

Jelly Bean Science Experiments

jelly bean stem challenges

If you want a jelly bean experiment that’s more science-focused, like jelly bean science fair projects, these are the activities for you!

Make this super fun edible jelly bean slime!

See what colors are hiding inside jelly beans. Is the inside of the bean colored, or just the outside?

Try this cute (and tasty!) jelly bean taste test experiment!

Make your own jelly bean rainbow!

Jelly Bean Technology Activities

jelly bean stem activities

Try these fun jelly bean technology activities! Kids will have fun coding, making stop motion videos, and learning with candy!

Use jelly beans to make a stop-motion video.

Try these fun jelly bean coding activities that don’t require a screen.

This fun jelly bean technology challenge is one-of-a-kind!

Jelly Bean Engineering Challenges

elementary jelly bean activities

Jelly beans are fun to use in engineering challenges. These are some of our favorite activities for elementary.

If your kids are into building, they will love making these jelly bean and toothpick towers.

This jelly bean bottle flipping challenge is too much fun!

Jelly Bean Math Ideas

Math is more fun when you can use jelly beans! Try these creative math projects that use jelly beans.

Try using jelly beans to learn multiplication arrays!

Jelly bean graphing is fun for kids of all ages!

Learn about patterns in this jelly bean math challenge.

easter stem challenges

What are your favorite jelly bean STEM activities to try at home or the classroom?

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