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Preschool Snowman Activity Bundle


Preschool snowman activity bundle.

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Do you want to print a snowman?

This snowman printable pack is perfect for preschoolers to do in the winter. No prep and suitable for the classroom or home.  

 The Preschool snowman printable pack gives preschoolers and kindergarteners a variety of educational worksheets that build basic skills like counting, letter recognition, sequencing, and coloring practice.  

Included in the Preschool Snowman Activity Pack 

8 snowman-themed worksheets featuring:

  • Snowman coloring page
  • Sequencing puzzle
  • S is for Snowman worksheet
  • Counting clip cards from 1-10
  • Bigger or smaller comparison worksheet
  • Build a snowman cut and play worksheet

Share this project with a friend!


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