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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Game


The road trip scavenger hunt printable game is a fun way to keep boredom at bay during road trips. It is one of the best games to play in the car!

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The Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Game printable  is a printable game you can print for each child (and parent!) before your next road trip.

This printable will help both reluctant readers have something to do that isn’t electronic and will encourage bookworms to set aside the book for a little while and enjoy the trip! The Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Game is suited for children aged 8-14.

Included with the Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Game printable:

  • 1 scavenger hunt score sheet (print one for each player)

How to Use

Click the link to add the printable to your cart and select “Proceed to Checkout.”

Enter your address and e-mail info on the checkout page. Click “Checkout.”

You will be directed to the download page. Click “Download: Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Game” to save your printable. You will also be sent an e-mail link to download your printable.

Print as many copies of the PDF printable as you need for your family. Do not distribute the pdf file. Instead, send friends to Schooling a Monkey to download their own copy.

Give one scavenger hunt list to each player. As you travel, score your points using tally marks. At the end of your trip, convert the tally marks into points to see who wins!

Share this project with a friend!


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