Science Classroom Decorating Ideas for Your Classroom Door

One of the best things about teaching science in elementary school is the science door decorating ideas out there.

classroom door ideas

These science classroom decorating ideas are some of the best classroom door decorations that I’ve seen! 

Classroom Door Decorating  Supplies:

-paper -staples -glue -duct tape -sturdy paper

You can find many of these supplies at a local craft store. If you aren't sure what you are going to do yet, these are a great place to start.

Sketch out the idea of what the classroom door will look like on a piece of paper before getting started. It helps with visualization.

Most classroom doors are made using various art supplies - mainly paper and staples/tape to hold things up.

Step 2

You don’t need science lab decoration ideas to teach STEM activities for kids, it certainly makes your classroom more exciting.

How much fun is this little “think like a proton” science door? It’s too cute and I’m in love with the simplicity and the cleverness.

Can’t get enough of these classroom door decoration ideas? We also have a list of door designs for science classroom decorating ideas.