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Festive STEM! Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Tree Lesson Plan

‘Tis the season for celebration and creative exploration in the classroom! In this set-up for our Christmas tree STEM activities, kids will use STEAM skills to create a yarn-wrapped Christmas tree. This hands-on project brings holiday fun to the classroom while building fine motor skills, engineering skills, design skills, and more! This Christmas tree lesson plan will help transform this simple activity into a complete STEM lesson for elementary students.

In this Christmas tree lesson plan, yarn-wrapped Christmas trees serve as a dynamic amalgamation of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art.

As elementary students wind yarn around their tree structure, they develop spatial awareness and refine their hand-eye coordination.

This activity also encourages problem-solving as students experiment with different wrapping techniques to achieve their desired aesthetic.

Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Tree project Fun

This Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Tree project prepares your classroom for a festive trip! This hands-on project for elementary school students combines holiday fun with essential learning.

Armed with colorful threads and glue, young designers turn ordinary materials into unique Christmas trees, improving fine motor skills and nurturing creativity.

Before starting this activity with your classroom, get everything you need to complete this lesson plan below!

yarn wrapped christmas tree

Get the Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Lesson Plans!

Follow along with this guide to turn the yarn wrapped Christmas tree craft into a STEAM lesson plan!

Books about Christmas Trees

These science books about evergreen trees will be a good addition to any Christmas tree STEM project!

How do you make a Christmas tree out of yarn?

Here is how you can make your own yarn-wrapped Christmas tree, for the Christmas tree lesson plan, or just as a fun yarn wrapped Christmas tree craft.

IMG 5866

Shopping online can help you save a lot when shopping for teaching supplies!

Teacher Christmas Tree Shirts

Here are some adorable Christmas tree shirts for teachers!

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Science Facts about Christmas Trees

Here are some fun science facts about Christmas trees to share with your students.

There are various species of evergreen trees used as Christmas trees, including fir, spruce, and pine. Each species has distinct characteristics, such as needle shape, color, and fragrance, driven by their biology and genetics.

Click here to get the directions for the 3D paper Christmas tree engineering project in the video above.

The needles of Christmas trees have evolved to reduce water loss, allowing them to survive in cold winter climates. They have a waxy coating and a reduced surface area compared to broadleaf trees, which helps conserve water.

Evergreen trees retain their green color throughout the year because they retain chlorophyll in their needles, which allows them to continue photosynthesis, even during the winter months when deciduous trees lose their leaves.

In this Christmas tree lesson plan, yarn-wrapped Christmas trees serve as a palette that blends science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art. This STEAM lesson will both entertain and educate elementary students.

Christmas trees, like all trees, play a role in carbon sequestration. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and store it as carbon in their wood, helping to mitigate climate change.

The needles of Christmas trees contain nutrients that are gradually released back into the soil as they decompose. This nutrient cycling benefits the surrounding ecosystem and helps maintain soil health.

Some Christmas tree species, like pine trees, produce resin. Resin has antimicrobial properties and can help protect the tree from pests and pathogens. It’s also used to make products like turpentine.

Christmas trees are typically grown on tree farms, where they are carefully cultivated to ensure they have the right shape, size, and health. This involves scientific practices such as soil testing, fertilization, and pest management to optimize tree growth.

Supplies for Yarn Wrapped Christmas Trees

Here is what you need to do this Christmas tree lesson plan!

yarn wrapped christmas tree supplies
STEM worksheet
christmas tree stem activity

More Projects to Try just like Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Tree project

If you love this Christmas tree STEM activity, try these other fun holiday-themed STEM experiments!

Hands-On STEM Resources about Trees

Here are some hands-on STEM resources about trees that can be used alongside this Christmas tree STEM activity.

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Lesson Plan

Get the complete lesson plan for a yarn wrapped Christmas tree below! But first, here are the essentials for how to make the craft during your lesson.

How do you wrap yarn around a tree?

Create a cone shape by cutting a piece of poster board into a wedge shape and rolling it into a cone. Secure the edge with glue, tape, or a staple.

green paper cone christmas tree

Begin at the top of the cone (the pointed end). This is where you’ll start wrapping the yarn. Apply a small amount of glue at the tip to secure the end of the yarn.

Hold the end of the yarn in place until the glue dries and the yarn is secure. Then, start wrapping the yarn around the cone. Keep the wraps close together, covering the entire cone.

When you reach the bottom, cut the yarn and secure the end with glue. Press it down to make sure it stays in place.

yarn christmas tree

Once your yarn-wrapped tree is complete, you can decorate it further. Add beads, sequins, or other embellishments to represent ornaments and lights.

Allow your yarn-wrapped Christmas tree to dry completely overnight.

christmas tree lesson plan yarn tree

Unlock the lesson plan below to turn the yarn wrapped Christmas tree craft into a complete STEAM lesson plan!

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Lesson Plan

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Lesson Plan

This STEAM Yarn wrapped Christmas tree lesson plan combines elements of science, technology, engineering, math, and art to engage elementary students in a creative and educational holiday-themed project.


  • Yarn in various colors (green for the tree and additional colors for decoration)
  • Paper or cardboard for making cones
  • Optional: Beads, sequins, markers, and other decorative materials


  • Craft glue or glue guns
  • Scissors
  • Rulers and measuring tape
  • Internet access for research



Divide students into pairs or small groups.

Provide each group with access to the internet or printed resources to research and gather information about different types of Christmas trees, their characteristics, and where they are commonly found.

Engineering and Design

Provide each student with a piece of paper or cardstock

Instruct them to create a cone shape by cutting and rolling the material, securing it with glue or tape to form the base of their yarn-wrapped tree.

Encourage students to be creative with the size and shape of their cones.

IMG 5806

Have students discuss their cone designs and explain their choices.


Teach students how to measure the height and circumference of their cones using rulers and measuring tape.

Guide them in calculating the amount of yarn needed based on their measurements.

Wrapping Trees

Distribute yarn to each student, making sure they have enough for their project.

yarn christmas tree

Instruct students to start wrapping the yarn around their cones, starting from the top and working toward the bottom of their cones, applying dots of glue as-needed to secure the yarn.


Provide students with beads, sequins, markers, and other decorative materials.

decorated yarn tree


Have students showcase their completed yarn-wrapped Christmas trees to the class.

christmas tree lesson plan

Ask them to explain the design choices they made and how they used math to determine the amount of yarn needed.


Assess students based on their participation in research, cone design, yarn wrapping, and the presentation of their completed Christmas trees.

Evaluate their understanding of the scientific concept of evergreen trees, the technology used for research, engineering in creating the cones, mathematical calculations, and artistic expression in decorating the trees.

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