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Printable STEM Valentines for Kids

I don’t know about you, but I get a little obsessive when I like something. And of course, at STEAMsational, Valentines STEM activities are our jam. But I need more than just salt crystal hearts to satisfy my STEM cravings at Valentine’s Day. So enter Printable STEM valentines for kids!

All of these STEM Valentines are appropriate for the elementary classroom, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sending your kids to school with a chemistry pun that you didn’t realize was dirty. Not that I’ve done that or anything. 😀

So, if you’re kid is obsessed with science, or you’re just really tired of boring and overpriced store-bought valentines, then these STEM valentines are for you!

STEM valentines celebrate the science side of Valentine's Day! These printable STEM valentines are the perfect class valentine for scence-loving kiddos.

Clever and Cute STEM Valentines for Kids

If you’re a science and STEM lover like I am, then you MUST get one of these valentines for your kids this year.

Nothing is better than these super-clever and educational valentines. It definitely beats the JoJo Siwa valentines that your child will most likely get 10 copies of this year.

What You Need for Your Valentine Printables

Shop this handy list before printing your chemistry valentines so your valentines come out perfectly!

Printable and Worksheet Essentials for the Classroom

Here are some essentials for printing out and using worksheets and other paper resources in the classroom.

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Inkjet Printer (we love the Brother Brand)

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Inkjet Cartridges

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Thermal Laminator

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Laminating Sheets

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Dry Erase Markers

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Cardstock Paper

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Printer Paper

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How to Download the Printable STEM Valentines

stem theme valentines

All you have to do to get these STEM valentines is to click on the link for each valentine. Download the file and save it to your computer (some of them may arrive by e-mail).

Then print the valentines onto cardstock paper, and let your children write their own messages on the back!

It’s super easy, and it’s friendlier for the earth, too!

Enjoy these STEM valentines and have a wonderful and kid-friendly Valentine’s Day!

valentine stem challenges

Super Cute Printable STEM-Themed Valentines for Kids!

Here are my favorite STEM-themed valentines! They are perfect for kids to give to classmates or teachers to give to students (I know buying classroom valentines can be a huge expense for teachers!).

chemistry valentines puns

Chemistry Valentines for Kids

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a good pun (for me anyway). And these are chemistry puns, so even better.

These fun science Valentines are such fun for class valentines, school valentines, or valentines for friends and family! What color will you get?

Color-Reveal Science Valentines

These Valentines are so much fun. They are complete with a recipe for a chemical eruption that will reveal a secret hidden color once completed! And they look adorable.

Love Valentine's Day? You'll love these adorable printable heart non-candy LEGO valentines perfect for classroom parties or just for fun!

Easy Heart LEGO Valentines

If you have a bunch of extra LEGOs that you want to get rid of, these LEGO valentines are just what you need. They have plenty of fun building puns and kids also must figure out how to make the heart shape.

Love slime? Love Valentine's Day? Love free printable valentines for kids? Then you will love these slime valentines we made for Crafty Morning!

Super Fun Slime Valentines

If your kids love slime, then you can’t go wrong with these slime pun Valentines. They are so much fun and you can just print them and go.

…Printable STEM Valentines Continued

Copper Tape Valentine Circuit Card with Finger

Light-Up Circuit Valentines

If your kids want to be a bit more involved in the Valentine-making process, these circuit valentines are a lot of fun! Copper tape, a light, and a battery complete this super fun STEM valentine.

My Scientific Valenetine Printable BABBLE DABBLE DO hero3

Optical Illusion Valentines

Who doesn’t want some optical illusion STEM on Valentine’s Day? The best bonus to these Valentines is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on toys, all you need to complete these is some rubber bands.

Bacteria Science Valentine 1024x686 1

Bacteria Valentines

Gross the kids out just a bit with these bacteria-themed valentines. It’s a lot of fun to gross out little kids with the thought that bacteria is present on them all the time. And you can pick up a set of Petri dishes for just a few dollars!

Valentines Day Volcano Science Experiment 3 600x900 1

Volcano Lava Valentines

Make a volcano this Valentine’s Day! These lava valentines are so cute and encourage the recipients to do more science, which we definitely love.

3 3 680x1020 1

Glow Stick Valentines

These glow stick valentines have fun light-themed puns that go along with them. And they are great if you want a valentine that doesn’t require the addition of candy.

valentine stem challenges

More Valentines for Kids

Looking for other printable valentines ideas? These valentines are adorable and so creative!

Printable LEGO Valentines for Aspiring Engineers!

Printable Punny Chemistry Valentines for Kids

Magic Erupting Color Reveal Science Valentines for Kids

Squishy-Themed Valentines for Kids

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