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The Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day STEM Activity Ideas

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Love STEM? Love Valentine’s Day? You’ll love this amazing and exhaustive list of Valentines STEM activities and Valentine’s STEM projects for kids of all ages!

STEM activities for kids make us happy. We love bringing STEM and science to every holiday! This time, it’s Valentine STEM activities.

You’ll find something for kids of all ages here, from preschool to elementary school! If you have even older kids, many of these ideas can be expanded and adapted to work for middle school and even high school as well!

Love STEM? Love Valentine's Day? You'll love this amazing and exhaustive list of Valentines STEM activities for kids of all ages!

Valentines STEM Activities for Hands-On Kids

If you can’t get enough of science and STEM activities, you will definitely want to try these Valentine’s Day STEM activities!

You might just become the new favorite teacher! (yes, even if you’re a homeschool mom).

valentine stem challenges

Valentine’s Day Science Projects

These Valentine’s science projects are perfect for doing in February!

Magic Color Reveal Science Valentines

These color-reveal Valentines are a fun way to add a science twist to Valentine’s school parties!

Try making this 3D Realistic Heart Model and learn about what hearts really look like and how they work.

You can take valentine’s day to the next level when you make these Slime Valentines and learn about molecualr bonds!

The Heart Marker Chromatography experiment is one of our favorite Valentine projects to do with a fun science twist.

Younger kids will have a blast making this Valentine’s Glitter Slime.

If your kids and class love oobleck, then they will love this Valentine’s Conversation Heart Goop version.

Making crystals is a super fun science activity and these Salt Crystal Hearts are so much fun during the Valentine season.

Make this festive Valentine Lava Lamp and learn about chemical reactions!

If you don’t want to make a lava lamp, these Fizzing Valentine’s Hearts are just as fun!

Valentine’s Day Technology Projects

Bring technology to the holiday of romance!

Make your very own Valentine’s Day Light-Up Heart using Squishy Circuits.

If you have a coding robot, this Valentine Caterpillar Coding Challenge is a lot of fun to try!

If you want to help your kids learn to code, this simple Valentine's Day coding bracelets challenge is a fun way to make coding come alive!

You can express your sentiments safely when you put them in code with these Valentine Secret Message Coding Bracelets!

Learn about magnetic forces when you make this Magnetic Heart Discovery Bottle.

Valentine’s Day Engineering Projects

Engineering is a lot more fun when it’s love themed! Try these Valentine’s STEM projects today!

Create your own love bugs and design how they would work in this Design a Love Bug Engineering challenge.

Build your own LEGO Valentines– it’s harder than you think!

These LEGO Hearts are a fun way to bring engineering into the Valentine holiday.

Design a Bouncy Ball and give them to friends and classmates this Valentine’s Day!

Conversation Heart Structures are a fun way to bring design and engineering into the holiday classroom.

Valentine’s Day Math Projects

Make math fun with these Valentine’s math activities!

Learn about factors adn Venn diageams with the Conversation heart Venn Diagram Factors activity.

Bring math into the kitchen with these Valentine Candy Recipes: Heart Lollipops.

Use conversation hearts as math pieces with these Conversation Heart Math activities!

Younger kids will love using pattern blocks to create hearts in the Valentine Pattern Block Heart challenge.

If you need even more Valentine’s Day activity ideas, try these Valentine’s Day STEAM Activities too!

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Save this idea for later so you don't forget to use it!