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Valentine’s Day Coding Activities for Kids

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We are big fans of coding for kids. With Valentine’s Day coding, kids can learn so much more than basic python coding or binary coding.

Coding lessons for kids teach a variety of useful skills, like logic, critical thinking, order of operations, and of course, whatever actual coding language they are using.

Since we are big fans of kids coding, we like to make it a bit more fun sometimes with seasonal coding themes.

This February, we’re all about Valentine’s Day coding.

valentine coding activities

Keep reading to view all of the coding activity ideas for Valentine’s Day.

How to Set Up a Coding Activity for Kids

There are two main ways to set up a Valentine’s Day coding activity for kids. Option 1 is to play a coding game on a tablet or computer.

While this is a fun option, what we really like to do is option 2, which is to set up screen-free coding activities for Valentine’s Day.


coding for kids valentines day

Since coding is more than just learning a coding language, keeping it off-screen helps children focus on what’s actually important about coding- which is the process, not the solution.

Before starting any sort of Valentine’s Day coding lesson, it’s important to show kids how coding works.

We like to use this peanut butter sandwich logic example. Basically, in this activity, you act exactly like a robot and only do precisely what the kids say.

This helps children establish a framework for logical thinking and will make any coding activity easier.

Tell the children that it’s important to think in a clear, logical way when coding. This will produce the best results.

The Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day Coding Activities

valentine stem challenges

Kids who love coding will fall in love with the Valentine coding games and activities. Whether you’re looking for screen-free coding activities or true computer-based coding activities for kids, we’ve got you covered!

valentine coding activities

Screen-Free Valentine Coding Activities

No need for screens, these Valentine coding activities are completely screen-free!

Make your own Valentine coding bracelets and pass on secret messages of love and friendship in binary!

If you have a coding caterpillar, have it go along and capture the hearts in this fun Valentine coding activity for younger kids.

If you have an Ozobot or some other coding robot, see if you can get it to follow a Valentine message, or drive in a heart-shaped path!

Learn how to crack secret messages in this Valentine secret message coding activity.

This Valentine secret message coding game is number’s based, so it’s a bit trickier for older kiddos!

If you love binary, then these binary coding hearts will be tons of fun.

Screen-Based Valentine Coding Activities

valentine coding projects

These Valentine coding activities can be completed on a tablet or computer.

Tynker has a fun coding activity where children can code an animated Valentine’s Day card for friends and family. The cute monster design is tons of fun for kids.

This Valentine Coding activity teaches a secret code using ASCII characters to create fun Valentine’s Day phrases and images.

Kids who are interested in learning CSS coding can try this activity to make a CSS Valentine’s Day card! It’s a lot of fun to make the little robots say different phrases.

valentine stem challenges

Save this idea for later so you don't forget to use it!