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Valentine’s Day STEM Activities for Kindergarten

It’s Valentine’s season! That means hearts, pink, candy, and Valentines STEM activities (if you’re visiting STEAMsational, that is). Today we’re all about kindergarten. Here you’ll find a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day STEM activities for kindergarten. Choose a few to do this February in the classroom or at home!

Here you'll find a list of our favorite Valentine's Day STEM activities for kindergarten. Choose a few to do this February in the classroom or at home!

Looking for a kindergarten STEM activity with a Valentine’s Day twist?

Valentine’s Day STEM Activities for Kindergarten

It’s super fun to bring seasonal holidays into the kindergarten science classroom. All of the activities on this list are appropriate for kindergarten and have been tested by kindergartners.

In this list you’ll find STEM activities about hearts, candy, coding activities, engineering challenges, building challenges, science experiments, math challenges, and more, all with fun Valentine’s Day colors and themes.

kindergarten valentine stem challenges

What is STEM in Kindergarten?

A STEM activity is similar to an expanded science experiment. STEM activities look for ways to bring science, technology, engineering, math (and sometimes art or design) into the science classroom.

Children need to learn how all of these subjects work together to make the field of “science” that is part of our world.

valentine stem challenges

In kindergarten, STEM doesn’t focus as much on the technical side of science but instead provides a framework for intelligent and organized exploration of the world.

A kindergartener can learn to ask a question before starting a science investigation. They can learn about the tools that they can use to conduct the experiment.

They can learn about measuring and counting with a scientific lens. And they can learn that all science investigations should have order and follow procedure.

This is the goal of kindergarten STEM activities.

Additionally, kindergarten STEM activities (particularly during Valentine’s Day!) are all about exploring the world and having fun with science!

If you want more Valentine’s Day STEM, check out our list of Valentine’s STEM activities for elementary.

The Complete List of Kindergarten STEM Activities for Valentine’s Day

valentine kindergarten stem

In February, the first half of the month is all about hearts, love, and Valentine’s Day! Bring some of that seasonal fun into the kindergarten science classroom with these Valentine’s Day STEM activities for kindergarten.

Conversation Heart Math

In math class today, use conversation hearts as counters!

Valentine Heart Marker Chromatography Science Project

Kids can learn what colors are hiding in their markers with this fun activity. Use non-primary colors for the best results.

Valentine Glitter Glue Slime

Slime is made due to chemical bonding between different molecules. Kindergarten kids can learn a little about the science while making their own pink glitter glue slime.

Conversation Heart Oobleck

Did you know you can use conversation hearts to make oobleck? This conversation heart non-Newtonian fluid is both a science lesson and offers sensory fun.

Valentine’s Day Lava Lamp Science Experiment

Make a lava lamp with a Valentine’s Day twist! Kindergarten kids will love repeating this experiment over and over.

low prep kindergarten valentine stem activities

Fizzing Heart Reactions

Kindergarten kids love fizzing and bubbling science experiments. These heart-shaped baking soda blocks are a fun way to bring Valentine’s Day into science class.

Valentine’s Day Caterpillar Coding

A coding caterpillar is one of the first coding tools that kids can use alone. Show kids how they can program the caterpillar to land on heart pads made from paper.

Valentine Binary Coding Bracelets

Tell someone you love them in binary! Kindergartners will love stringing these binary-coded bracelets and handing them out to friends.

Valentine Magnetic Discovery Bottle

Kindergarten kids can learn about magnets with this fun Valentine magnetic discovery bottle.

Valentine Design a Love Bug Engineering

Nothing is more fun than building a love bug for Valentine’s Day! This is a fun mixture of open-ended craft and engineering challenges for kindergarten kids.

Valentine Conversation Heart Towers

See what structures you can make using conversation hearts as building materials. You may be surprised at how elaborate some of the kindergarten constructions are!

kindergarten valentines stem

Pattern Block Hearts

Can you make a heart using pattern blocks? This is a fun engineering and geometry challenge for kindergarten kids.

Dancing Candy Hearts

Learn about chemical reactions, dissolving, and mixtures in this fun Valentine STEM activity!

What are your favorite STEM activities for Valentine’s Day? We’d love to see your STEM activities in action!

valentine stem challenges

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