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How to Make a 3D DIY Heart Model- Easy Step-by-Step Directions!

Celebrate the scientific side of Valentine’s Day with this 3D DIY heart model that kids can build from modeling clay! You’ll never look at hearts the same way again. This year, we’re building a complete them around Valentine’s Day STEM activities. We loving bringing the holidays into our STEM activities because the kids get a big kick out of it. Our first Valentine STEM activity was making a DIY heart model from modeling clay.

Celebrate the scientific side of Valentine's Day with this 3D DIY heart model that kids can build from modeling clay! You'll never look at hearts the same way again!

I’d always wanted to try making  a 3D heart model, but it turns out, hearts are complicated!

How to Make a DIY 3D Heart Model

The heart is made up of four chambers and valves that work together to pump oxygen throughout the body. Kids will be fascinated to see how their heart actually looks and will have fun molding their own realistic heart model from clay.

What you’ll need for the 3D heart model project:

This simple DIY 3D heart model is a fun way to learn about the different parts of the heart. With a good diagram or heart model and some clay, you can make your very own life sized DIY heart model!

We used modeling clay to make our heart so we could re-use it again, but if you wanted to make this from oven-bake clay on a smaller scale, they would make adorable non-candy Valentines for friends and classmates!

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Teaching Resources for Valentine’s Day

Here are some fun STEM teaching resources for Valentine’s Day that you can use in the classroom.

Browse the entire category of Valentine’s Day classroom supplies here or grab some of my Valentine’s Day favorites from the list below.

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3D Heart Model STEM Integration

Science: Study the parts of the heart and learn their names.

Technology: Talk about the different technologies used to keep hearts safe and healthy.

Engineering: Experiment with building a 3D heart model that can actually pump liquid.

Math: Calculate the heart rate of each student and figure out the average class heart rate.

Classroom Valentines from Teachers to Kids

Your students will love any of these creative classroom valentines for kids from their teacher!

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More Valentine Activities for Kids

Valentine Science Books and More!

These fun Valentine’s Day Books for kids will teach kids about the science around Valentine’s Day, the history of the holiday, and a whole lot more!

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How to Make an Easy Human Heart Model with Clay

Celebrate the scientific side of Valentine's Day with this 3D DIY heart model that kids can build from modeling clay! You'll never look at hearts the same way again!

Monkey started to make the heart model based off of our diagram. I found this diagram in an article about IVC filters.

I picked this diagram because it showed all the parts of the heart color-coded for arteries and veins.

Celebrate the scientific side of Valentine's Day with this 3D DIY heart model that kids can build from modeling clay! You'll never look at hearts the same way again!

Monkey used her hands and the clay shaping tools to create each part of the heart model, then I helped her stick them all together. Hearts have a lot of parts!

valentine stem challenges

We talked about each part and what it did while we constructed our heart model.

Celebrate the scientific side of Valentine's Day with this 3D DIY heart model that kids can build from modeling clay! You'll never look at hearts the same way again!

Our modeling clay is covered in glitter because Bo thought it would be a good idea to dump an entire bottle of glitter onto our modeling clay.

So from now on, all our STEM and science projects will be super jazzy and sparkly.

Classroom-Friendly Valentine Shirts

I love wearing fun Valentine-themed shirts in the classroom during February. Here are a few of my favorite Valentine Shirts for Teachers.

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Wearing a fun shirt, decorating the classroom with red and pink decorations, and doing other fun Valentine’s Day activities will make Valentine’s Day about more than just cardboard Valentines and candy.

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