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Valentine Candy Science Experiments

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If you’re a Valentine’s Day lover and a candy lover, and a science lover (or just two out of three), then you’ll love this list of Valentine candy science experiments.

Here you’ll find a list of dozens of candy-themed Valentine STEM activities. The experiments are perfect for elementary kids between first and fifth grade. Many of the experiments come with printable worksheets, making your science lesson planning even easier!

So, without further ado, read on to get to the Valentine candy experiments!

If you're a Valentine's Day lover and a candy lover, and a science lover, then you'll love this list of Valentine candy science experiments.

Candy Science Experiments for Valentine’s Day

valentine science with candy

Kids love candy, so why not harness that love of candy and channel it into a love of science? This Valentine’s Day, use classic Valentine candy as the base for your science investigations and experiments.

There are tons of fun ways to learn with chocolate, conversation hearts, hard candies, marshmallows, and more!

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How to Use Valentines Candy in Science Class

low prep valentine candy experiments

During February, kids get a lot of chocolate, lollipops, conversation hearts, and other kinds of candy. But not every candy piece has to be eaten. You can use a lot for science!

If you’re a science teacher or a parent who just wants to use up leftover Valentine’s Day candy to do candy science experiments, you’re in luck!

This list of Valentine’s Day candy experiments offers a fun science experiment to do with almost every type of Valentine candy that kids get.

Best of all, these Valentine’s Day candy science experiments are all low-prep, so you won’t have to spend hours lesson planning when you could be watching Netflix.

The Complete List of Valentine Candy Science Experiments

candy science experiments valentines day

DIY Lollipop Hearts

If you have jolly ranchers, these lollipop hearts can help kids learn about states of matter, kitchen science, temperature, and more!

Dancing Conversation Hearts

Make candy dance in this fun twist on the alka-seltzer carbon dioxide experiment.

Conversation Heart Oobleck

If you have even more conversation hearts, crush them up and make this edible conversation heart oobleck, which can help teach children about non-Newtonian fluids.

Marshmallow Heart Structures

Use marshmallows to make fun structures using heart marshmallows and toothpicks.

Valentine Skittles Science Experiment

Arrange your Skittles into a heart pattern and watch as the sugar slowly dissolves into the water, dyeing it a beautiful rainbow of Valentine colors.

valentine candy experiments

Chocolate States of Matter

Learn about the states of matter with chocolate! It’s a super sweet way to study this Valentine’s Day!

Dissolving Conversation Hearts

Learn how different temperatures of water change how quickly or slowly a candy heart dissolves.

Candy Heart Rainbows

If you dissolve candy hearts into a liquid, you can make a fun rainbow! Try mixing the colors and see what happens!

Heart-Shaped Rock Candy

Learn about how crystals form and how to make rock candy in this fun Valentine’s Day twist on the classic candy experiment.

Chocolate Solvent Experiment

Science you can eat? Sign me up! In this experiment, kids learn how solvents dissolve a solute and how things like stirring can speed up how quickly something dissolves.

Edible Chocolate Slime

Who doesn’t like to make slime? And now, you can eat it and it’s chocolate? That is a science experiment any kid would go for.

valentine stem challenges

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