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Valentine’s STEM Activities for 4th Grade

Today, I’m celebrating the fourth grade with these Valentine STEM activities for 4th grade! It doesn’t get much more fun in the classroom than when kids are doing hands-on Valentines STEM activities.

I love 4th graders. In 4th grade, kids are mostly independent, but they don’t have that tween and teen know-it-all spirit that can get a little tiring.

4th graders aren’t ready for true love, and they are a bit beyond classroom valentines, so there is a bit of a void on what to do with 4th graders on Valentine’s Day!

Need Valentines STEM activities for 4th grade? These Valentines Day STEM activities are jus the solution and fourth graders are sure to love them!

These Valentine’s Day STEM activities were grouped with 4th graders in mind and are perfect to do in a classroom setting, STEM lab, or at home with 9-11 year olds.

Perfect Valentines STEM Activities for 4th Grade

If you teach 4th grade, or just have a 4th grader at home, your kids will have a blast with these hands-on Valentine STEM activities.

How to Do the Valentine STEM Activities for 4th Grade

These Valentine STEM projects aren’t meant to take forever or cost an arm and a leg. For the most part, these activities can all be done in one sitting.

But, we do suggest taking a look at the instructions a few days in advance in case you have to pick up a few things for the project.

valentine stem challenges

We usually have a variety of STEM supplies on hand, but we definitely realize that not everyone is as science-crazy as we are!

4th Grade STEM Projects for Valentine’s Day

valentine stem for 4th grade

Let your 4th graders have fun and explore with these Valentine’s Day STEM activities!

Valentine Confetti Slime

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, a love of slime, and science all at the same time! 4th graders will love making this stretchy, glittery version of slime.

Conversation Heart Math

Use conversation hearts as math manipulatives in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. We wrote on ours with food-safe markers so that the kids could still eat them if they wanted to.

Make a 3D Heart Model

Nothing like an anatomically correct heart to gross out a 4th grader. And they can learn about the chambers of the heart at the same time.

Valentine Heart Marker Chromatography Science Project

Take out the colors in markers and see how many colors are actually present inside a marker. This is a fascinating experiment that most fourth-graders really love.

Valentine Glitter Slime

4th grade kids are not too old for slime. In fact, 4th grade might just be the slime heyday. Follow these directions to make slime-making into a science activity.

Salt Crystal Hearts Science Experiment

If you have a bit more time, making salt crystal hearts is a super fun STEM activity for Valentine’s Day. Kids can determine the best way to form the hearts and allow the crystals to grow, and also learn about the science behind the experiment.

4th grade valentines stem

Valentine’s Day Lava Lamp Science Experiment

Most 4th graders could do the lava lamp experiment over, and over, and over, and over. There is something restful and appealing about watching colored bubbles rise to the surface of a container!

Valentine’s Day Fizzing Heart Reactions

For more chemical reaction fun, let your 4th graders make baking soda hearts and then use vinegar to melt them.

Squishy Circuits Heart

We love our Squishy Circuits. In this version, we made a heart light up. 4th graders will love it.

valentine stem challenges

Valentine Binary Coding Bracelets

Some 4th grade kids already have crushes on their classmates. With binary coding bracelets, they can express their feelings in secret. And they will also learn a bit of coding.

Valentine Design a Love Bug Engineering

Fourth graders will love building their own love bug. Design is an important part of engineering, and this activity focuses on that.

4th grade valentine stem challenges

Valentine Engineering: Build a LEGO Heart

It’s harder to build a heart from LEGOS that you might think at first. This activity will keep a group of 4th graders busy for a while.

Valentine DIY Bouncy Ball

If you’re a bit brave, then you can do this Valentine bouncy ball STEM activity with 4th graders. Since the mixture bounces, there will be chaos in the classroom, but if you’re open to that, why not?

Valentine Conversation Heart Structures

Children can practice balancing and design skills by stacking conversation hearts. Personally, I feel like conversation hearts are much better used as a building material than a candy.

Conversation Heart Venn Diagram Factors

If your 4th graders are learning about the factors of numbers, then this activity is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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