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Valentine’s Day Science Activities for Middle School

Middle schoolers know everything. If you don’t believe me, just ask one. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun in the science lab. This Valentine’s Day, bring a little bit of flair to middle school Valentines STEM activities with these Valentine’s Day science activities for middle school.

We like to do seasonal twists on our middle school science experiments. For Valentine’s Day, use valentine candy, turn things pink, or learn about the heart

! These silly additions will make science a bit more fun and may help keep kids interested in science even through high school.

This Valentine's Day, bring a little bit of flair to middle school science lessons with these Valentine's Day science activities for middle school.

How to Make Middle School Science Fun

Middle school science starts to get into the whys, hows, and whats of science. It’s not just about fun experiments anymore. Middle school is when a lot of kids start to lose interest in science because it takes work.

But just because you have to teach specific concepts and themes in middle school doesn’t mean you can put a bit of hands-on science fun into the middle school science lab.

low prep valentine middle school science
valentine stem challenges

You may not be able to get middle schoolers to think you’re cool, but they will think these middle school STEM activities are cool.

The Complete List of Middle School Valentine’s Day Science Experiment

Just because kids are in middle school doesn’t mean they can’t have fun in the classroom on Valentine’s Day! Bring the science lab to life with these fun Valentine’s science activities for middle school.

Make a 3D Heart Model

Learn about the human heart in this 3D heart model activity. Connect it with a circulatory system study and make it a working model by constructing your own circulatory system in a bottle.

Valentine Heart Marker Chromatography Science Project

Middle schoolers will have fun with the heart marker chromatography science experiment. Find out what colors are hiding in markers.

valentine science for middle school

Salt Crystal Hearts Science Experiment

Middle schoolers can learn about crystal formation and ionic bonds in this simple salt crystal science experiment.

Valentine’s Day Lava Lamp Science Experiment

Nothing says love like bubbling love potions. Make a Valentine’s Day lava lamp to keep middle schoolers interested.

Make Your Own Valentine Bouncy Ball

Did you know it was possible to make your own bouncy balls? Middle schoolers will love making this polymer chain bouncy ball that really bounces.

Valentine Jolly Rancher Heart Lollipops

Middle schoolers will like making their own jolly rancher lollipops for Valentine’s Day. Try to make your own hard candy to make it even more advanced.

Valentine Confetti Slime

Even middle schoolers love making slime. This confetti version is low-mess so it’s perfect for a school environment. Focus on the science and make Valentine’s fun!

Learn about the Circulatory System

This is a comprehensive study on the complete circulatory system that is hands-on and tons of fun for middle schoolers. It’s a fun way to see how the heart connects with the entire body and how important it is!

Make a Functioning Heart Model

Middle schoolers will love creating their very own working heart models.

valentine science middle school

Exothermic Valentine Reactions

Learn about exothermic reactions in this fun Valentine’s version of the classic elephant toothpaste experiment.

Static Electricity Cupids

Can you get Cupid to fly using static electricity? Learn the how and why behind this fun Valentine science experiment to make it appropriate for middle schoolers.

Heart-Shaped Rock Candy

Did you know that sugar rock candy is just made from sugar crystals forming on the string? Learn about crystal science in this fun middle school science project for Valentine’s Day!

valentine stem challenges

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