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17 Bright and Happy Summer Door Decorations for School

Give your classroom more color and energy this summer with summer door decorations for school! There are many fun summer themes for classroom door decorations that you can choose from to make the hot days of summer a bit more fun!

Once you’ve decided on a theme, gather the materials that go along with it. Then, use your imagination! Your doors can be made from a variety of materials, including cardboard, paper, and even cloth.

Add a vibrant and lively touch to your classroom this summer with these summer door decoration ideas! Transform your classroom door into a delightful summer haven, making the hot days a bit more enjoyable!

You can use your supplies to cut out patterns and shapes that you can then glue to your door. In order to add even more color and detail, you can also use paint or markers.

Check out our list of summer classroom door ideas below to inspire you, or keep reading to learn how to make summer door decorations in a variety of fun themes like beach, jungle, tropical island, space, and more!

Summer Door Decorations for School Theme Ideas

If you want a tropical feel, use bright colors like pink, orange, and yellow to make it look like a tropical island. You can also add hibiscus flowers and palm trees to make it feel more like a tropical paradise.

A wildlife theme is a great way to bring nature into your classroom. You can use animals, trees, and real items from nature to add interest and texture. A wildlife theme can help students gain additional interest in learning more about animals and plants.

For a jungle theme, you can use pictures of monkeys, parrots, and other exotic animals. I

To make a forest themed summer classroom door, use pictures of bears, deer, and other woodland creatures.

Create a savannah at the entrance of your classroom with pictures of lions, zebras, and other African animals.

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Decorating your classroom door with a summer theme can create an exciting and inviting environment for learning. Adding different colors and textures will make your summer classroom door decorations even more fun.

You can add things like leaves, flowers, and rocks to make it look three-dimensional.

So let your creativity shine and have fun with your summer classroom door project!

Use our classroom door designer below (just click to download it) to sketch out the design for your summer classroom door and then get to work bringing it to life!

classroom door designer

The Best Supplies for Classroom Door Decorations

Your summer door decorations for school need strong materials to hold them together! Which means a whole lot of glue, tape, staples and patience!

Spruce up your classroom this summer with these fantastic ideas for summer classroom  door decorations! Add a burst of energy and color to your learning space by transforming your classroom door into a delightful summer haven. These creative decorations will make those hot days a little more enjoyable for everyone involved!

Your door design doesn’t need to be made from scratch and cut individually! Get yourself some pre-cut decorations that are ready to go.

Save some time and create a fun unique display with these ready-to-go classroom door kits!

Essentials for Decorating a Summer Classroom Door

Summer door decorations for school are a lot easier to make when you have the things that will make your classroom door shine. Here are some things that you might need to start.

Customizing your classroom door with your own unique summery twist allows your students to get to know you better and have fun all summer long.

More Classroom Door Designs to Inspire Your Creativity

If you can’t get enough inspiration for the perfect classroom door design, check out these other lists of classroom door ideas.

And if you need help designing your door, or want to come up with your own summer door design ideas, download our free classroom door designer to help you create memorable door designs that your students will remember for years to come.

Classroom Essentials for Every Teacher

These are must-haves for every classroom and teacher!

How to Make Your Own Summer Door Decorations for School

You can check out the list below with links for how to make specific summer classroom door designs, but there are a few steps you will always complete no matter what classroom door design you choose!

First, you will need to plan your classroom door design (use our FREE door decoration planner!).

classroom door designer

Next, gather the materials you need to make that design.

Sketch everything onto paper and cut it out, then build the design straight on your classroom door. This is easier than trying to complete your summer classroom door and then hanging it up.

Check out our favorite classroom door decoration ideas for summer below!

17 Cheerful Classroom Door Decoration Ideas for Summer

Beat the heat with these summer classroom door ideas!

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