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25 Amazingly Fun Back to School STEM Activities

With back to school season just around the corner, it’s time to get kids excited about school and learning once again with these back to school STEM activities!

I love using STEM activities to get kids back in a learning mood for fall STEM activities, and what’s even more fun about these particular STEM projects is they are all back to school themed!

Kids will love trying out these back-to-school STEM activities in the classroom as a bridge between summer break and fall learning and are the perfect first week of school STEM activities!

13 no-prep back to school STEM activities perfect for the first few weeks of school. These easy STEM activities take no prep and kids love them!

Amazingly Fun STEM Activities for Back to School

It is tons of fun to renew students’ interests in learning as they go back to school! These back to school STEM activities are easy and fun, and will foster an interest in STEM topics right from the beginning of school.

You can use these ideas in the classroom or at home to inspire scientific inquiry and critical thinking in kids of all ages.

Most of these STEM activities for kids are designed for elementary kids, but you can modify many of themes to also work in a kindergarten or preschool classroom.

back to school stem challenges

Why Should I Teach Back to School STEM Activities?

First week of school STEM activities are a fun way to re-introduce hands-on learning to kids. In the classroom, you can use these activities to help remind kids of the proper behavior for STEM labs.

These can also be used to remind kids of the scientific process and how STEM education is run in your school.

At home, you can use these fun STEM activities for back to school to supplement your child’s science education.

Particularly while more kids are engaging in online learning, it falls to parents to provide some of the missing hands-on STEM pieces.

Most of these activities can be done easily at home and don’t require any special supplies.

Back to School STEM Supplies

My Favorite STEM Products for the Preschool Classroom

These STEM products are perfect for the preschool STEM classroom!


Homer Technology App for Kids 4-6

mel science microscope kit

Mel Science Classroom STEM Kits

classroom balance buckets

Classroom Balance Buckets

classroom sorting set

Primary Sorting Classroom Bundle

color cubes

Transparent Color Cubes

clixo rainbow pack

Clixo Rainbow Classroom Pack

pet homes stem challenge kit 938 pc 14268695

Pet Home STEM Challenge

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Stacking Mirror Blocks

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Magnification Blocks

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Gravity Physics Tubes

preschool investigation specimins

Specimen Viewers Classroom Set

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More Low-Prep STEM Activities to Try

If you need even more ideas for easy STEM activities, check these out!

No Prep STEM Challenges Perfect for the Classroom!

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Scarecrow activities for kids

back to school stem challenges

20+ Back to School STEM Activities for Elementary

These STEM activities for back to school will delight kids and help them see that learning can be fun and is certainly nothing to dread doing again!

Kids will love trying to repeat these activities over and over again.

Science, technology, engineering, and math can be fun when approached in a hands-on way!

20+ Back to School STEM Activities for the Classroom

Back to school is an exciting time for most kids. New supplies, new teachers, and new things to learn. However, a lot of kids also come back to the classroom dreading the "hard" subjects, like math and science.

But with these fun back to school STEM activities, children will get excited about learning more with science, technology, engineering, and math!

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