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50+ Brilliant Fall STEM Activities that Will Make You Star Teacher

Have you heard? Fall STEM activities are back! These fall STEAM activities are the perfect way to start bringing a hands-on element back to the STEM classroom!

STEM activities for kids (activities that mix elements of science, technology, engineering, and math) are becoming mandatory for schools, even down at the kindergarten and preschool level.

If you’re scratching your head about how you can add more STEM to your school day, these fun fall STEM activities will not only delight your students, but they will also bring a little bit of fall into the classroom!

Over 50 fall-themed STEM activities for elementary, preschool, and middle school. Fun fall themes make STEM learning fun!

What is a Fall STEM Activity?

Instead of just wishing you were out in the brilliant colors of fall, bring that brilliance indoors in the form of fall STEM projects that kids will love.

Each of these activities is designed for kids in elementary school and can be modified to fit the learning abilities of each grade in elementary school.

Fall STEM Activities that Kids Will Love

Whether your teaching in a classroom, homeschooling, or just want to provide an educational activity for your own kids, these fall STEM activities are sure to please and might just become the highlight of the season.

fall stem challenge cards

Supplies for Fall STEM Activities

You’ll want to keep these supplies ready in your STEM lab before doing any of these STEM activities for fall!

How to Teach a Fall STEM Activity

Just like for any other STEM activity, there is a particular goal for fall STEM activities. The goal is to get the children thinking and observing and reporting on what they see.

A lot of the activities on this list are open-ended, which make excellent activities for elementary students. For a more in-depth look at how to conduct a STEM activity, check out this post that shows teachers and caregivers How to Teach STEM.

50+ Fall STEM Activity Ideas for Ages 3-15

And now, on to the list of our favorite STEM activities for fall!

When school starts, kick off the year with these back to school STEM activities.

If you are interested in STEM activities with chemistry, try these fall chemistry experiments.

Check out a list of fall STEM challenges right here that are perfect for kids of all ages.

Want science only? Try these fall science experiments.

Fall STEM Activities by Age

Age is just a number, but in school, it matters! Find fall activities for preschoolers through middle school here.

Try out these fall science experiments for kindergarten.

Here are our favorite STEM activities for fall that elementary kids will love!

Older kids will love trying out these fall STEM activities for middle school.

fall stem challenge cards

Fall STEM Activities by Topic

Sometimes you want STEM activities on a particular fall theme!

If you love themed STEM projects, then this list is for you!

Here are my favorite apple STEM activities.

And try these leaf science experiments for some outdoor fun.

And of course you can’t forget to try pumpkin science experiments in the fall.

Here is a list of fun science-themed books about pumpkins for preschool.

And going further than science, these pumpkin STEM activities are a lot of fun.

Halloween Science Experiments in a Jar are fun to try during October.

Try these Halloween Slime Recipes during spooky season.

Go here and find 100+ Fun and Not-Too-Spooky Halloween STEM experiments for kids of all ages.

Autumn STEM Activities by Month

Try these specific STEM activities during each month of fall!

When back to school rolls around, try these August STEAM activities.

Fall lovers won’t want to miss these September STEM activities.

Here are my favorite October STEM activities that aren’t Halloween-themed.

In November, check out this list of November STEM activities.

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