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10 Pumpkin Science Experiments for Elementary Kids

Love fall and pumpkins? You’ll love this list of pumpkin science activities and pumpkin experiments that teach a variety of pumpkin science concepts to kids.

These pumpkin science experiments bridge the gap between art and science and help encourage even the most dedicated science-hater into becoming a true scientific explorer with pumpkin science activities!

When it comes to fall science, pumpkin experiments are the most fun! Kids will have a blast with these fall science activities featuring pumpkins. #stemed #stemactivities #scienceexperiments #scienceforkids #fallactivities

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Keep reading to learn how to do your own pumpkin science activities!

pumpkin science experiments


Classic science experimetns are a lot of fun, but adding a seasonal twist makes each experiment even more fun.

During the fall, pumpkins are everywhere, making them the perfect subject for fall science experiments!

Pumpkin science is the best science! Take your fall STEM activities to the next level with these amazing pumpkin activities for kids with a science focus. #stemed #stemactivities #scienceexperiments #scienceforkids #fallactivities

Even kids who are not normally interested in science will love conducing these hands-on experiments with pumpkins.

There is so much to learn with pumpkins!

pumpkin science activities

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Kids can learn a lot completing these pumpkin science experiments. There is more to learn in a pumpkin than you might think!

Pumpkin science experiments are the ultimate in fun and learning for kids. Elementary science and preschool science is better with pumpkin activities. #stemed #stemactivities #scienceexperiments #scienceforkids #fallactivities

Children learn about chemical reactions while making a pumpkin volcano.

When making a pumkin density column, kids learn about liquid density and the density of pumpkin parts.

In the salt crystal pumpkin experiment, kids learn about ionic bonds, evaporation, over-saturation, and disolving.

When making pumpkin guts slime, kids learn about polymer chains and molecular bonds.

Studying a rotting pumpkin will teach kids about mold, decomposition of matter, and the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Love fall and pumpkins? You'll love this list of pumpkin science activities and pumpkin experiments that teach a variety of pumpkin science concepts to kids.

With a pumpkin investigation, kids learn about the biology of pumpkins.

When making a pumpkin garden, kids learn about the life cycle of plants.

In the magic pumpkin experiment, kids can learn about states of matter.

Kids learn about dissolving and solutions in the dissolving candy pumpkins experiment.

And in the pumpkin growing experiment, kids learn about what helps a pumpkin grow the best.

science experiments with pumpkins


Every science experiment with pumpkins should include all parts of the scientific method to be a true science experiment, rather than just a demonstration.

Science demonstrations are a fun way to introduce a concept, but children should go through the scientific process on their own after watching the demonstration.

The more variables and tests children run the better!

Your science experiments should include:

  • Question or hypothesis
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Recording of results
  • Re-testing if necessary
pumpkin science for kids

Including these science elements will make every science experiment full of learning, critical thinking, logic, and fun!

Use our science experiment worksheet to get started recording the information from your pumpkin science activities.

Exciting Pumpkin Science Experiments for Kids

This list of pumpkin experiments will help kids learn about chemistry, biology, physics, properties of matter, states of liquid, density, and a whole lot more!

These pumpkin science activities are designed with kids from preschool to fifth grade in mind! Use the easiest activities for preschoolers, and the more advanced lessons for older kids.

Try the experiments one at a time, or do several in one day for a pumpkin science palooza!

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