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Easy Instructions to Make a 3D LEGO Pumpkin

When it comes to easy LEGO creations, we like to set a few rules. First, the projects should be able to be made with bricks that most people have, for the most part. Next, the projects should be creative and fun! That’s why this fall we decided to create this 3D LEGO pumpkin and display it throughout the fall months.

The LEGO pumpkin was a super fun project and the kids loved making it!

If you have other LEGO colors, you could make a green pumpkin, white pumpkin, black pumpkin, or yellow pumpkin!

Keep reading to learn how to make this 3D LEGO pumpkin.

Want to make 3D LEGO sets? Keep things easy with these step-by-step directions. This 3D  LEGO pumpkin is easy and fun for kids to make!

Easy 3D LEGO Pumpkin Made from Regular LEGO Bricks

If you have a bucket of LEGO bricks at your house or in your STEM classroom (and, yes, most of us do!), then you’ll be able to make this LEGO pumpkin!

Follow along with the step-by-step directions below to learn how to make your own LEGO creation!

LEGO Bricks Required to Make This 3D LEGO Pumpkin

Here are the LEGO bricks required to make this 3D LEGO pumpkin. You can find most of these in a standard set of LEGO creative bricks.

However, if you don’t have some pieces, don’t hesitate to modify the design a bit to make something that looks a little different but is completely custom!

For the pumpkin exterior:

  • 21 orange 2×2 bricks
  • 1 orange 2×3 brick
  • 4 orange 1×2 bricks
  • 4 orange 2×3 angled roof tiles
  • For the pumpkin stem:
  • 1 green or brown 1×2 brick
  • 1 green or brown 2×2 tile with knob

For the pumpkin interior:

  • Miscellaneous 1×1, 1×2, or 2×2 bricks (no one will see these so colors do not matter)

For decorating:

  • Miscellaneous greenery
  • 1 green baseplate


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Instructions to Make a 3D LEGO Pumpkin

If you have a bucket of LEGO bricks at your house or in your STEM classroom (and, yes, most of us do!), then you'll be able to make this LEGO pumpkin!

Here is how to build this version of a pumpkin 3D LEGO! It’s a lot of fun to build and looks so cute!

It’s hard to describe how to make the pumpkin using words, so use the photos below as a guide when building your 3D pumpkin.

Here are the directions for the Earth Day LEGO Challenge.

And if you modify the design some, that’s part of the fun!

No need to get too stressed about matching the original design too closely, building with LEGO is all about creativity and ingenuity!

lego pumpkin pieces

The photo above shows the pieces that we used when making our LEGO pumpkin. But if you have slightly different pieces, that’s OK too!

3d lego pumpkin base

First align your outside edge pieces for your pumpkin as shown in the image above.

lego pumpkin interior

Fill in the pumpkin outline with random LEGO bricks. The color doesn’t matter because they will be covered by the external orange bricks.

3d lego pumpkin top

Add one more layer of bricks to the top of the pumpkin as shown above to make the pumpkin the correct height and shape.

3d lego pumpkin without stem

Add the sloped orange pieces and the last four block to the top of the pumpkin to give it a rounded top and complete the 3D shape.

3d lego pumpkin

Add your leaves and stem and your pumpkin is complete!

lego challenge cards

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