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Fall Science Experiments for Kindergarten

I love working the current season into my teaching, and as fall is one of my favorite seasons, I just love fall science experiments for kindergarten!

I love working the current season into my teaching, and as fall is one of my favorite seasons, I just love fall science experiments for kindergarten!

Is there anything better than the crunch of leaves under your feet on a cool fall day?

I love how you can sense fall coming when temperatures drop, and suddenly, you can smell fall.

Despite the late onset of fall in Texas, I adore all things fall-themed as soon as labor day is over.

If you need a little more fall-themed inspiration in your classroom or home, you’ll love this fun collection of fall science experiments for kindergarten!

fall science for kindergarten kids

Autumn Activities for Kindergarten with a Science Twist

fall stem challenge cards

There is something for everyone in this fun collection of fall science activities for kindergarten!

Find more kindergarten science experiments and kindergarten STEM activities here!

How to Teach Science in Kindergarten

fall science kindergarten

In Kindergarten, science is about exploration and discovery.

We don’t focus as much on the “whys” of science as much as the “what” of science.

Kindergarten science is all about exploring the world in a hands-on way and learning how to ask questions about the world to learn more about it!

In the fall, you can use science to learn about weather, seasons, habitats, animal life cycles, tree life cycles, and much more!

I like to tie science experiments and activities into the current season so kindergarten kids can see how the world changes right in front of their eyes.

And there are so many fun fall science experiments for kindergarten!

How to Set Up Fall Activities for Kindergarten

kindergarten science experiments fall

Kindergarten kids can explore and discover on their own, but they are also likely to make a big mess of things.

For most scientific concepts, you can do one science demonstration of the concept. From there, kindergarten kids can write in their science notebooks any observations or discoveries that they noticed.

You can also assign kindergarten kids to groups of 3-4 kids and give them a low-mess project to explore hands-on.

Allow plenty of time for clean up when doing kindergarten science experiments as things can get pretty messy!

Fall Science Experiment Supplies for Kindergarten

These are some of our favorite STEM supplies for Kindergarten! All of these can be found on Amazon, and are the perfect thing to add to STEM bins.

My Favorite STEM Products for the Preschool Classroom

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Fall Science Activities for Kindergarten

kindergarten science activities for fall

Science experiments are a lot of fun, but what’s more fun, is making them fall-themed!

Kindergarten kids will love these hands-on fall science experiments.

Pick a science experiment that aligns with your current science standards, or just pick a seasonal kindergarten science experiment to try as a class for an extra dose of hands-on science learning!

Now, on to the list of kindergarten science activities!

Nothing says fall like orange and leaves, and this recipe for Fall Slime is the perfect sensory activity for kindergarten!

If your kindergarten class loves slime, they will love making this fluffy Apple Slime!

Learn about the life cycle of an apple in the Apple Tree Life Cycle activity.

Teach kindergarten kids about chemical reactions when you use a pumpkin to make a pumpkin volcano!

Dissect a pumpkin and explore the parts of a pumpkin and their densities in this pumpkin density column experiment!

We really like making salt crystals, and we have made Salt Crystal Apples, salt crystal pumpkins, salt crystals feathers, and salt crystal leaves for fall!

Explore states of matter and make butter!

Teach kids about phosphorescence when you make glow in the dark oobleck!

Make a fall-themed lava lamp!

Find out how long bread takes to mold under different conditions with this bread mold experiment.

If you need even more ideas for fall science in Kindergarten, check out this list of Pumpkin STEM Activities!

fall stem challenge cards

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