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8 Exciting November STEM Activities for Elementary

Can you believe it’s already November?

Where we live in Texas, November is really the first official taste of fall that we get, and we love doing leaf science experiments during November.

But if you want to move beyond leaf science experiments, try these NGSS-aligned hands-on November STEM activities with your classroom or kiddos at home this year! It’s part of our yearly STEM activities for kids themes and we always have so much fun with them!

These experiments have themes including pumpkins, leaves, food, corn, and more!

Fall science is so much fun! Try these NGSS-aligned hands-on November STEM activities with your classroom this year!

STEM Activities for November that Will Inspire a Love of Fall

november stem activities for kids

Even though these are mostly aimed at an elementary age group (1st through fifth grade), my middle schooler (8th grade!) still loves doing these STEAM activities.

So if you teach middle school, don’t be afraid to try these with your class, just adapting the science to be a bit more in depth!

If you need help getting started with STEM at home, make sure you download our guide to getting started with STEM at home.

Get the November STEAM Challenge Cards!

november stem challenges

These free STEAM challenges have fun November themes that elementary kids will love using to harness STEM thinking skills while having fun with fall themes like leaves, pumpkins, and food!

And best of all, most of these November STEM projects have a NGSS alignment, which means you can use them in the classroom!

You can also use these cards at home for homeschooling or just to give your kids some extra science fun when school is out or on the weekends!

November STEM Activities that Kids Will Love!

november stem challenges

Get the November STEAM pack here!

This collection of November STEAM activities are some of our favorites!

Some projects are easy to set up, most have an NGSS alignment, which teachers love, and the hands-on concepts are super fun for kids!

november stem challenges

There’s a link to the instructions for some of these activities below, and you can download the November STEM challenges prompt cards, or the full challenge set which comes with printable instructions!

Low-Prep STEM Activities for November

november stem projects

Now, on to the November STEM activities for elementary! You’ll find full instructions for all of these activities in our November STEM pack!

Investigate the Inside of a Pumpkin

All you have to do for this science experiment is cut open a pumpkin and see what’s inside!

Kids of all ages can use this experiment as a jumping off point for a pumpkin life cycle lesson.

Make Pumpkin Oobleck

We love oobleck, and a pumpkin version is even more fun than the classic oobleck or glow in the dark oobleck.

Find out if Pumpkins Sink or Float

When you are investigating pumpkins, why not find out if they sink or float?

The answer may surprise the kids in your class.

Make Cranberry Slime

Making cranberry slime is tons of fun, and with our version of cranberry slime, it is taste-safe, too!

Make Pumpkin Pie in a Jar

november stem activities

Did you know you can make pumpkin pie in a jar? Learn how heating something can change it’s properties!

This is a fun NGSS tie-in lesson for November.

Discover the best Rising Agent for Cake

Not all rising agents are equal. Conduct an experiment and see which one is the best!

Make a Candy Corn Catapult

Catapult making is a fun engineering activity for kids. Make a version that shoots candy corn and it’s even more fun!

Get the directions for a creepy catapult here.

Build with Cranberries

Did you know cranberries could be a building material?

They can if you have a STEM mindset! Follow along with the instructions in the November STEM pack and learn how to make structures using cranberries.

november stem challenges

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