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13+ Culturally Appropriate Thanksgiving Crafts for School

There are tons of thanksgiving crafts out there, but there are a lot that actually are fairly offensive to the history of the holiday. All of these Thanksgiving crafts are culturally appropriate and honor the traditions and histories of all the people involved during Thanksgiving.

Keep reading to find a list of culturally appropriate Thanksgiving crafts!

Over 20 culturally appropriate Thanksgiving crafts that honor the heritage and history of all people involved! Easy, classroom friendly crafts!

Culturally Appropriate Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

If you want to know how to honor the traditions of all people involved in Thanksgiving and not be offensive to anyone, these are the culturally appropriate Thanksgiving crafts that you need!

The True History of Thanksgiving

If you want to learn more about what really happened at Thanksgiving, rather than the simplified, and often whitewashed version, The Smithsonian Magazine has a great overview. In summary, read this quote from historian and author Linda Coombs.

These two groups very recently formed an alliance and are still getting acquainted with each other,” she explains. “You have to look at this with diplomatic overtones. In today’s Thanksgiving tradition, most people really don’t look at that aspect of it. This was a way to cement this very fresh alliance between the English and … the leader of the many tribal elements [Massasoit] represented.

-Linda Coombs

Basically, the Wampanoag people and the Pilgrims formed a temporary alliance that was beneficial for the pilgrims survival during the harsh winter and beneficial to the Wampanoag people because they were provided with weapons to fight off invaders.

So it wasn’t so much about “being thankful” as a formal agreement to exchange services.

Supplies for Thanksgiving Crafts

Make sure you have these craft supplies!

How to Store Craft Supplies in the Classroom

I like to have all of my craft supplies in one place, and I really like the use of open-top containers. Amazon has some really cool storage options for craft supplies in the classroom, including this Craft tower storage bin.

Another practical option that’s a little smaller is this open-top cubby shelf.

And if you like your craft storage to be mobile, this craft cart is sturdy enough for daily use and has a lot of storage options for all sorts of craft supplies!

thanksgiving stem challenges

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for the Classroom that Aren’t Offensive

These are the culturally appropriate Thanksgiving crafts that all teachers need to have in their back pocket this Thanksgiving season!

If you want to know how to honor the traditions of all people involved in Thanksgiving and not be offensive to anyone, these are the culturally appropriate Thanksgiving crafts that you need!

First, take a look at these Native American Thanksgiving Crafts honoring the traditions of Native Americans!

Find out how to make salt crystal feathers with this science and craft experiment.

And you’ll also love learning how to make a turkey out of LEGOs.

And how much fun is it to make a turkey out of a pinecone?

Nothing is more fun than making pumpkin pie. This craft version is super adorable and fun for kids to make.

Learn how to make a LEGO turkey dinner that’s 3D and looks just like a Thanksgiving turkey!

These easy Egg Carton Thanksgiving Crafts are a fun way to make a recycled Thanksgiving craft!

While you are at it, try making a 3D LEGO pumpkin!

For a fun craft you can hang in the classroom or outdoors, make these easy thankful wind spinners.

Why not make these super cute thankful paper bag turkeys and keep the focus of Thanksgiving on being thankful!

If you love egg carton crafts, you’ll want to make these egg carton turkeys!

Older kids will love this turkey egg drop project with popsicle sticks.

Mix science and crafts with the leaf chromatography experiment.

And this fall leaf slime will make any kiddo happy during Thanksgiving!

Learn how to make 3D pumpkins with paper folding. It’s super fun for kids of all ages!

thanksgiving stem challenges

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