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20+ Printable Unicorn Math Worksheets for Early Learners

Whoever said that math couldn’t be fun was so wrong! When it comes to math worksheets, I have found that a great way to help get your children more engaged is to make them fun-themed activities that teach whatever concepts you’re looking for- AKA unicorn activities! These unicorn math worksheets make learning math concepts fun with the help of these little magical horses!

From learning addition to shapes and matching, these unicorn math worksheets can be used to teach math concepts to your little ones.

While these math resources mainly focus on pre-K and early elementary students, you can still find some geared toward older children out there.

From learning addition to shapes and matching, these unicorn math worksheets can be used to teach math concepts to your little ones.

Unicorn Math Worksheets that Make Math Fun for Kids

Make math fun with these magical horses! But first, make sure you have everything you need to make these worksheets last!

Supplies for Unicorn Math Worksheets

Make sure you have these supplies on hand for these printable unicorn math worksheets:

preschool stem challenges

Don’t Print without These Supplies!

Printable and Worksheet Essentials for the Classroom

Here are some essentials for printing out and using worksheets and other paper resources in the classroom.

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Inkjet Printer (we love the Brother Brand)

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Inkjet Cartridges

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Thermal Laminator

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Laminating Sheets

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Dry Erase Markers

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Cardstock Paper

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Printer Paper

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The Complete List of Unicorn Math Worksheets for Early Learners

Put those unicorns to work learning math! These unicorn math worksheets will provide tons of fun math learning for early learners.

Put those unicorns to work learning math! These unicorn math worksheets will provide tons of fun math learning for early learners.

Unicorn I Spy Printable

Practice counting and learn basic math skills with this fun unicorn I spy game for kids!

Unicorn Ten Frame Mats

Make counting a little more magical with these ten frame counting mats.

Unicorn Pattern Block Mats

These unicorn mats will help with shape recognition, sorting, and so much more!

Unicorn Multiplication Math Worksheets

These coloring pages make math visual and engaging, and the unicorns make them even more fun!

Unicorn Addition Math Worksheets

Make math magical with the help of these addition math worksheets.

Unicorn Themed Maths Worksheets

If you’re looking for a fun-themed math worksheet that your kids will have a blast doing, these unicorn-themed math worksheets are a great option.

Unicorn Mat Preschool Math Activities

These unicorn math activities will engage even the most reluctant learner!

Magical Unicorn Shape Set

Unicorns are a great way to make learning shapes more fun and interactive.

Unicorn Matching Game

Teach your children to identify patterns with the help of this matching game.

Unicorn Themed Math Practice No Prep Book

This math prep book has over 40 pages of math practice for your children.

Unicorn Counting Math Games

Get your kids excited to learn counting with the help of these fun unicorn math games.

Unicorn Color By Number

Practice number recognition and get coloring with this fun color by number activity.

Unicorn Counting Worksheets

Count and color with the help of these magical learning unicorn coloring sheets.

Unicorn Themed 10 Frames

These fun ten frame games are an excellent way for your kids to practice counting.

If you love unicorns, then you will love these unicorn math activities! Teach math in a fun way with unicorn math worksheets!

Unicorn Number Hunt

Practice number recognition with this fun unicorn hunt activity.

Unicorn Number Mats

Help your kids practice number recognition with these fun unicorn-themed playdough number mats.

Unicorn Minus One Coverall Game

This fun coverall game will help your little ones learn subtracting!

Unicorn Color the Numbers Pack

If your kids love color by number activities, they will enjoy this fun color by number unicorn pack.

Unicorn Bingo

Learn the numbers 1-20 in this fun numbers unicorn bingo activity.

Ten Frame Unicorn Printables

Encourage number recognition and counting with the help of these ten frame unicorn printables.

preschool stem challenges

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