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Color-Mixing Fun: How to Make a Unicorn Bottle

Unicorns are having a moment again, and we’re loving every second! We’ve tried a bunch of unicorn activities and this time, we mixed unicorn fun with color mixing science! Preschoolers and young kids will have a blast learning how to make a unicorn bottle that changes colors! Use this bottle to practice color mixing, math, science, or just for fun! If you have unicorn lovers in your house or classroom, you can’t pass up this super simple and incredibly fun unicorn sensory bottle.

Love discovery bottles? This color changing discovery bottle teaches kids about the basics of color mixing and is the perfect unicorn activity.

The color mixing discovery bottle is a fun way to learn about the science of color mixing!

How to Make a Unicorn Bottle

Here is how to make a color changing sensory bottle!

Supplies to make a unicorn discovery bottle:

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You can also make a color changing sensory bottle in place of messier ideas for any St. Patrick’s Day STEM sensory bins.

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Step-by-Step Directions for How to Make a Unicorn Bottle

Making this color mixing discovery bottle is a lot of fun for little ones. First, you’ll need to add dye to your water and baby oil. We dyed our water red and our oil blue.

color changing science

Remove the label from the Smart Water bottle by peeling it off, then coating the bottle in baby oil. After a few minutes, the adhesive will wash right off with soap.

Add the water to the bottle first, then follow it with the oil.

color changing experiment

Drop in your unicorn erasers and the glitter.

Seal the cap tightly, and give the bottle a shake!

color changing bottle

The colors will mix, forming purple!

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Once the discovery bottle colors mix, it will be harder to see the unicorns inside the bottle.

Your kids will love moving and shaking the bottle to see if they can catch a glimpse of the unicorns hidden inside!

unicorn activities

My preschooler spent about an hour playing with the bottle.

She shook it to mix the colors, waited for the colors to separate again, and tried to see and count the unicorn erasers.

Try making several bottles to mix other colors!

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