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20+ Creative Animals in Winter Preschool Activities

Imagine this: a world where animals sport winter coats fancier than our warmest scarves, where icy landscapes transform into bustling habitats, and where each snowflake whispers tales of the wild. Today, help your toddlers and preschoolers through mission to decode the mysteries of winter animal activities. Add these animals in winter preschool activities to your winter science experiments for preschoolers!

Bundle up and hop on a science-filled expedition where snowflakes and critters come alive in these animals in winter preschool activities.

When completing these what do animals do in the winter activities, preschoolers will learn the cool science behind our winter pals and what activities for arctic animals look like during the winter.

Get ready for paw prints in the snow, whimsical tales of survival, and a sprinkle of snowy science magic!

Winter Animals Theme Ideas

Animals in winter preschool activities are the perfect hands-on preschool lesson plans to show preschoolers how animals survive and thrive in even the coldest climates.

Keep scrolling to find activity ideas for a preschool winter animals theme, but first, lear more about the information you need before teaching any of these activities for an arctic animals.

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Arm yourself with knowledge on how animals adapt during the winter with these animals in winter science facts!

How Animals Adapt to Survive During the Winter

Animals have different ways of adapting and surviving during the winter months. Share these facts with your class while doing animals in winter preschool activities.

Here are the most common methods that animals use to survive the harsh winter months.

Hibernate: Some animals, like bears and groundhogs, hibernate during the winter. They go into a deep sleep and use very little energy. This helps them survive when food is scarce and the weather is cold.

Migrate: Many birds and some animals, like butterflies and whales, migrate to warmer places during the winter. They fly or swim to areas where they can find food and avoid the cold.

Grow Thick Fur or Feathers: Some animals grow thicker fur or feathers in the winter. This extra layer of insulation helps keep them warm in the cold weather.

Find Shelter: Animals like squirrels and rabbits find shelter in burrows or nests. They create cozy homes where they can stay warm and safe from predators.

Store Food: Some animals, like chipmunks and beavers, gather extra food in the fall and store it for the winter. They have special hiding spots to keep their food from freezing.

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Change Colors: Some animals, like the Arctic fox, change the color of their fur to blend in with the snowy landscape. This camouflage helps them hide from predators and sneak up on prey.

Slow Down: Cold-blooded animals like frogs and turtles become less active in the winter. They move very slowly or even stop moving altogether to conserve energy.

Eat Snow: Some animals, like deer and rabbits, eat snow to stay hydrated when water sources are frozen. They can melt the snow in their warm bodies to drink.

Team Up: Animals like penguins huddle together in large groups to stay warm. By staying close, they share body heat and protect each other from the cold.

Read some of these books about animals in winter preschool activities to learn more about how animals survive in the winter!

Animals in Winter Books

Here are some of our favorite books about animals in the winter and arctic animals!

polar animals

Polar Animals

all about animals in winter book

All about Animals in Winter

over and under the snow book

Over and Under the Snow

hibernation scolastic reader book


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Polar Bears

arctic fox this incredible planet book

Arctic Fox

walruses of the arctic book

Walruses of the Arctic

snowy owl family animal adventures book

Snowy Owl Family

sleep bear national geographic book

Sleep Bear

what do critters do in the winter book

What do Critters do in the Winter?

penguins national geographic book

Explore My World: Penguins

amazing arctic animals reader book

Amazing Arctic Animals

hiders seekers finders keepers book

Hiders Seekers Finders Keepers

birds in winter book

Birds in Winter

Examples of Hands-on Winter Animal Activities for Preschoolers

Here are some ways that even the youngest scientists can learn all about animals in winter through animals in winter preschool activities.

Set up a meteorological station in your preschool classroom to measure and record daily winter weather conditions. Preschoolers can explore the impact of temperature, precipitation, and wind on local wildlife.

Harness the engineering skills of preschoolers by challenging them to design and create a model of an animal with special adaptations for winter survival. This hands-on activity promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills as students consider factors such as insulation, camouflage, and food storage.

More Winter Animal Activities for Preschool

Here are more winter animal activities and winter animal crafts for preschool that your students might like!

Preschoolers will be fascinated by winter animal activities for preschoolers that examine animal tracks in the snow. 3 to 5 year olds can learn to identify what types of animals in the winter make what kinds of tracks in the snow or mud.

Here are some resources you can use in your classroom to explore hibernation, adaptation, and survival that different animals do in the winter months.

Winter Animal Teaching Resources

Here are some supplies and tools to use with your students while learning about winter animals.

preschool winter stem activity kit

Winter Animal STEM Activity

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Plant and Animal Needs STEM Kit

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Winter Animal Magnet Tiles

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Arctic Animal Figures

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Animals in Winter Figures

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Winter Sensory Kit

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Counting Penguins Game

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Penguin Motion Sensory Toy

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Glacier Slime

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Winter Sensory Bin

sort and seek polar animals

Sort and Seek Polar Animals

Arctic and Antarctic Activity Book for Kids

Arctic and Antarctic Activity Book for Kids

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Animal Tracks Game

Winter Animal Survival Facts

Here are some fascinating winter animal facts that preschoolers will love!

Much like our preschoolers dressing up in faux fur to stay warm during our winter exploration, the Arctic fox changes its fur color to match the changing seasons. In the summer, its coat becomes a lush brown or gray to blend in with the tundra, camouflaging against the rocky landscape.

Ever wonder how birds stay warm in winter? Birds fluff up their feathers to create insulating layers of air, providing natural warmth. It’s like wearing a cozy winter jacket, but they’ve got it built-in!

Even fish in frozen lakes have a nifty trick to survive winter. They enter a state of “torpor,” slowing down their metabolism to conserve energy. Some even have a built-in antifreeze-like substance in their blood to prevent ice crystals from forming.

Preschoolers can learn everything about how animals survive the winter with these what do animals do in the winter activities!

Monarch butterflies embark on an incredible winter migration journey each year. They travel thousands of miles to reach warmer climates in Mexico and South America.

Snowshoe hares are nature’s quick-change artists. In winter, their fur turns white to blend in with the snowy landscape, while in warmer months, it changes to brown to match the forest floor.

Black bears aren’t true hibernators, but they enter a state of torpor during winter. However, black bears can still “sleepwalk” during this time, covering short distances while remaining in a deep slumber.

Animals in Winter Preschool Activities STEM Extension Ideas

Let your preschoolers watch this what do animals do in the winter video for kids before completing their animals in winter preschool activities, then consider adding some of these STEM extensions when completing your preschool winter lesson plan or winter animal crafts for preschoolers.

Create a mini Arctic expedition right in the preschool classroom! Set up a sensory station with snow-like textures, encouraging kids to explore the different materials that mimic the cold environments animals face.

Take a digital expedition of animals in winter using videos and other digital learning tools to that transport students to the icy landscapes where polar bears roam and penguins waddle.

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Invite preschoolers to create their own winter animal habitats for an artistic twist. Using a mix of recycled materials and craft supplies, they can build a miniature world where animals thrive in the snow.

Preschoolers can try their hand at engineering by constructing mini igloos using marshmallows and toothpicks, exploring the architectural brilliance behind these snow shelters.

Organize a snowflake counting activity to infuse a bit of mathematics into the mix. Cut out paper snowflakes of varying sizes and have the students arrange them numerically.

Animals in Winter Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

Check out this list of winter animal activities that you can do with your preschool classroom!

Over 20 Animals in Winter Preschool Activities

Preschoolers will have a blast with these hands-on animals in winter preschool activities that will teach preschoolers all about how animals adapt, change, migrate, and hibernate to survive even the harshest winters.

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