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Christmas STEM Activities for Middle School

While middle schoolers may *seem* like they know everything (just ask one, they definitely do not. Which is why STEM education is so important during middle school.

While trying out middle school STEM activities, don’t forget to make it fun during December with Christmas STEM activities for middle school!

Below you’ll find a list of our favorite middle school holiday STEM activities, but first, read a bit about the benefits of Christmas STEM projects for middle school and a few supplies that you might want to have on hand before getting started with your middle school STEM activities!

While trying out middle school STEM activities, don't forget to make it fun during December with Christmas STEM activities for middle school!

Festive Christmas STEM Activities for Middle School

Middle school starts to get serious about tests, assignments, and textbooks.

But middle schoolers are still young children, and they love to have fun, too!

So why not make STEM a fun experience for them, just like we do for elementary kids?

If you bring a fun holiday theme into your middle school STEM activities, middle schoolers will love the hands-on aspect of the challenges and see how science and STEM can be fun!

What to Include in Christmas Labs for Middle School

christmas stem challenges for middle school

Since middle school has higher standards than elementary school, you will want to make sure that your holiday STEM activities have a point and cover at least 2 types of STEM learning in your lesson.

Christmas labs for middle school should include all elements of the engineering and design process, including:

Problem Identification

Middle schoolers should identify the existing problem.

Proposed Solution

Middle schoolers should create a proposal for how to fix that problem.


Middle schoolers should create a design for their problem-solving solution.


Middle schoolers should test their idea and see if it is a viable solution. Variations and multiple tests are required.

Supplies for Christmas STEM Challenges for Middle School

Make your middle school STEM lab more festive with these holiday-themed STEM supplies!

Christmas STEM Activities for Middle School

Christmas STEM Activities for Middle School

If you are a middle school teacher, or have middle schoolers at home on holiday break, the kids will have a blast with these Christmas STEM activities for middle school!

Christmas Science Experiments for Middle School

There is no reason not to celebrate the holiday magic of the winter wiht these Christmas science experiments for middle school!

Middle schoolers will love trying to get this Laminar Science Experiment to work like a real laminator machine!

Even middle schoolers will have a blast making this Santa Slime Recipe.

Learn about molecular bonding when you make Salt Crystal Candy Cane.

Discuss climate change and how salt reduces the melting point of ice when you make Frost in a Can.

If your middle schoolers need even more holiday science magic, try these 10+ Christmas Chemistry Experiments Every Kid Should Try.

Middle School Christmas Technology Activities

Christmas STEM Projects for Middle School

Learn about differnet technologies and how they work with these Christmas technology activities for middle school.

Edible Taffy Slime will show middle schoolers how candy used to be made, and what sort of technolgies make it easier and faster today!

Learn about electricity in this Static Electricity Experiment with a Balloon.

Make your own Fizzing Christmas Science Ornaments and find out about how to classify chemical reactions.

Create your own Binary Code Christmas Ornaments and learn all about binary coding.

Middle School Christmas Engineering Activities

When it comes to engineering, these Christmas engineering activities for middle school are a lot of fun!

Try to make your own Bubble Christmas Lights!

Middle schoolers will like to learn how to Make Your Own Snowglobe.

In the Santa’s Sleigh STEM Challenge middle schoolers can compete to design a better travel system for Santa!

Middle schoolers will have a lot of fun constructing an Elf on the Shelf Zip Line.

Christmas Math Activities for Middle School

Who says math has to be boring in middle school? Not these Christmas math STEM challenges!

Make these Long-Lasting Gingerbread Ornaments and make sure middle schoolers are ready for holiday baking.

Calculate How Many Kids Can Santa Visit using different variables in Santa’s present-delivery speed.

Program holiday lights in this Christmas Light STEM Project.

You’ll need math skills to calculate How to Make Hot Ice in this STEM challenge!

christmas stem challenge cards

Christmas STEM Activities by Grade

Click the links below to find age-appropriate Christmas STEM activities for every grade from preschool through middle school!

Christmas STEM Activities for Preschool

Christmas STEM Activities for Kindergarten

Christmas STEM Activities for 1st Grade

Christmas STEM Activities for 2nd Grade

Christmas STEM Activities for 3rd Grade

Christmas STEM Activities for 4th Grade

Christmas STEM Activities for 5th Grade

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