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DIY Ice Scrabble- Icey Game for Kids!

Love crossword puzzles? Love ice? Combine these two loves in this ice scrabble literacy game for kids! Literacy has never been so fun.

We played this icy scrabble-inspired game as part of ice science experiments. We like to play with ice both in the summer and the winter. This activity could work in both seasons!

Learn how to make your own scrabble game whirh an ice Scrabble game using actual ice letters! It's easy to make this icy game for kids!

Find out how we used ice and why we used ice to practice spelling! Take a look at the bottom of the post for more ideas on how to round out your ice science experiments.

Freezing Ice Scrabble Game

Make your own icy Scrabble game using silicone letter molds!

Kids will have a blast playing this icy version of scrabble, and they will boost spelling skills at the same time. There are so many fun ways to learn when you are making letters out of ice.

Make numbers out of ice and you can also play and make some fun math games when it’s hot outside!

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Why Play Icy Crossword Games?

We like to make learning unique and fun.

My kids all have ADHD (we all do!), and so learning how to spell the traditional way is agony to them.

I believe it’s fruitless to try to force a child to learn something they hate (particularly if they have ADHD), so I had to think of a fun way to get them to learn spelling while doing something hands-on.

That’s why we invented this ice Scrabble game, and it was a lot of fun to play it on a hot summer day!

What you’ll need to make your own icy Scrabble game:

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How to Make Your Own Scrabble Game from Ice

A few days in advance, start freezing your letters. We decided to leave our consonants white and dye our vowels green.

This not only helped make the game a little more colorful but it also helped the kids easily identify the vowels and how a vowel is used to make every word.

After each tray froze, we popped the letters back into the freezer in a zip lock back and made more. We made about 3 of each of our letter trays to make sure we had enough letters for our game.

How to Play Ice Scrabble

We played our game like ice Scrabble.

First, one person made a word. Then the next person added on to that word. We kept going until our fingers froze and we ran out of vowels. The first person to be unable to make any more words is out.

Play continues until only one player remains.

To keep the mess level lower, we played our ice crossword puzzle in a large plastic tray. This kept the water from escaping as the game progressed.

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