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Patriotic Memorial Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Memorial Day isn’t just another 4th of July/patriotic celebration and a time to make patriotic activities for kids.

Memorial Day is a reverent time for remembering individuals who have died while in service to their country through the armed forces. These Memorial day craft projects are fun, but it’s also important to remember the point of the holiday. It’s not just another 4th of July!

Remember our soldiers with these patriotic Memorial Day crafts and patriotic activities for kids that help remember the soldiers who keep our country safe!

Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

Brave women and men made the ultimate sacrifice in wars of history in honor of their country. Many individuals in the military throughout history were very passionate about protecting the rights of the people who live in their country.

Although lingering on death isn’t something entirely appropriate for kids, it is important that they realize why we do honor Memorial Day.

Even while doing these Memorial Day crafts, kids can learn a little more about the holiday and what makes this holiday different from all others.

memorial day activities for kids

But, in the spirit of celebration, Memorial Day is about celebrating American heroes.

With these Memorial Day activities,  kids can have fun celebrating the holiday and embrace the spirit of honoring our fallen heroes at the same time.

Because Memorial Day is about honoring American soldiers, many of these activities are flag-themed.

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Patriotic Memorial Day Activities for Kids

Remember our soldiers with these patriotic Memorial Day crafts and patriotic activities for kids that help remember the soldiers who keep our country safe!

Try these fun Memorial Day activities for kids to help remember the brave women and men who died in service for our country.

Patriotic Paint Bombs are a fun way to celebrate the holiday with color.

You can transform this Patriotic Fluffy Slime into a flag shape and learn about the meaning behind the flag.

Young kids will love playing in this Patriotic Sensory Bin.

Patriotic Bubble Blowers are a fun way to bring patriotism to life for young kids.

This Gather the Flags Activity is a good basis for teaching kids about people who have died in previous wars.

Memorial Day Art Projects

memorial day crafts for kids

These Memorial Day art projects are the perfect way to celebrate the members of the military who died in service to our country.

Even young kids can celebrate the country while remembering how lucky we are to have our freedom thanks to our brave military members.

Confetti fireworks are a fun way to bring fireworks safely into anyone’s life.

Patriotic Spirit Wands help young kids celebrate those who died without danger.

Make a Puffy Paint American Flag and discuss why the flag looks like it does.

Tin Can Luminaries are a beautiful memorial for those who have passed away.

memorial day art projects

Patriotic Paper Chains will help kids honor the memory of the fallen.

Make this Glitter American Flag and decorate your home.

This Memorial Day Candle Craft can be used in memory of someone who has died in the war.

memorial day crafts for preschoolers

Make a Pom Pom American Flag and help young kids understand the meaning behind the holiday.

A Popsicle Stick Flag is a fun craft to try with the kiddos.

Really young kids will love making this Play Dough Flag.

Suncatcher Stars are a beautiful reminder of Memorial Day.

This Melted Pony Bead Flag shows kids how flags are made.

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