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The 15 Best Science Experiment Kits for Kids

Who doesn’t love science experiments for kids?

But, hunting down all of the ingredients and supplies required for each science experiment can be a pain.

Enter science experiment kits for kids! Science experiment kits for kids give you everything you need to complete a science experiment in one easy-to-use-box. It’s a fun addition to any STEM gifts you give your kids this year.

The top 15 science experiment kits for kids! No silly filler fluff! Real science experiments kids can complete right out of the box!

10 of the Best Science Experiment Kits for Kids!

You don’t have to hunt down weird supplies or wait for weeks until that one supply arrives. These science kits are all ready-to-go and will provide hours of educational science fun for kids!

Take a look at the best science experiment kits for elementary kids below.

Why Use Science Kits?

I love creating my own science and STEM lessons with materials that I can pick, but when it comes to activities that require more “chemicals” and things found in a lab, buying those in bulk can get expensive.

But when you buy them in a kit, you get everything you need for that experiment and you won’t have to spend hours trying to find affordable materials online or questioning if this version of iodine is the correct one for the project that you are doing.

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The Best Science Experiment Kits for Science Loving Kids!

Kids will love these science experiment kits for kids! You’ll love how easy they are to use! And best of all, these science experiment kits make excellent gifts for Christmas, birthdays, summer boredom, school breaks, and weekend fun!

Even grandparents can get in on the fun with using these science kits with the grandchildren. Keep several kits stocked up and keep the STEM learning going all year round!

What makes these kits our favorite? They are fun, non-confusing, often can be reused, and they appeal to a wide age range of kids.

So, without further ado, check out our picks for the best kids science experiment kits!

Learn how to do the cartesian diver experiment!

If you know any science lover in elementary school, you can’t go wrong getting them one of the science kits on this list! The best science kits for kids make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and more! #scienceexperiments #science #kidsactivities #handsonlearning #giftideas

More Science Gifts for Kids

We love giving STEM gifts whenever we can. And since we use a lot of STEM toys and products, we know how to identify the very best!

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15+ STEM Subscription Boxes for Kids of All Ages

Below you’ll find the list of my favorite STEM kits that have been huge hits with my family and students. You can’t go wrong with any one of the boxes on this list- just try to keep age level in mind because nothing kills an interest in STEM faster than frustration because the concept or activity is above your child’s current learning level.

And now, see the list of our favorite Science Experiment Kits for Kids.

The Best Science Experiment Kits for Kids

There are a lot of science experiment kits out there, but let's be honest, a lot of them are crap, So, instead of you having to waste your money trying out dud kits, we did it for you!

And what you'll find on this list of science kits for kids are the best kits that made the cut!

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