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10+ Festive Thanksgiving Classroom Door Decorations for Teachers

I love the trend of creating fun classroom door decorations for every season, holiday, month, or fun celebratory event at school.

I can’t get enough of door decorations for the classroom, and so of course, I had to make a list of Thanksgiving classroom door decorations to try in November!

Try these super cute ideas when decorating your classroom this November and get into the Thanksgiving spirit all month long!

10 easy-to-make Thanksgiving classroom door decorations to try! Bring the thankful spirit into the classroom with these Thanksgiving doors.

Easy Thanksgiving Classroom Door Decorations for Teachers

Try these fun Thanksgiving door ideas for your classroom this year! Whether you are a daycare teacher or an elementary teacher, or anything in between, you’ll love these easy-to-make Thanksgiving classroom door ideas.

Before diving in to the ideas, learn how to decorate a classroom door if you’re new to the idea!

How to Decorate a Classroom Door

Decorating a classroom door can be a bit intimidating if you just scroll through Pinterest and think, “my goodness, how much time did that take!” But, when you break it down, many of the designs that seem complicated aren’t that hard!

All classroom door designs include these elements:

  • Background
  • Main subject
  • Supporting words/elements
  • Filler decor

Once you realize there are only four parts, these scary Pinterest designs don’t seem that hard!

And of course, you don’t have to go super elaborate. The classroom door decorations below mix easy inspiration designs with more complicated ones so you have something amazing no matter how much or little time you have to create it.

It also helps to sketch out inspiration designs in advance. This will help with scale and deciding how much of each supply you need.

If you click the image below, you’ll get access to my classroom door designer that will soon have you creating classroom doors like you were meant to be a door decorator.

classroom door designer

What You Need to Implement Your Door Decoration Design Ideas

Try these super fun classroom door decorations in November for Thanksgiving! Why not start a Thanksgiving door decorating contest in your school for even more fun?

It may look like you need a lot of supplies to make a cute door decoration, but that’s not the case!

Basically, all you need is (shop the Amazon affiliate links below):

And if you want even easier shopping, check out this list of everything needed to decorate a classroom door.

classroom door designer

Try these fun Thanksgiving Science Experiments shown in the video above.

Classroom Door Decorations for Thanksgiving

Try these super fun classroom door decorations in November for Thanksgiving! Why not start a Thanksgiving door decorating contest in your school for even more fun?

I’ve tried my best to find the original source of each image but sometimes it’s hard to find! If you know who originally made these door decorations, let me know and I’ll link to their original post!

thanksgiving door

Always good to think about gratefulness during November.

classroom thanksgiving door

I love the rich colors of this one, plus the mason jar is super cute!

leaf classroom door

I love how the student’s pictures are in the leaves in this Thanksgiving door.

thankful classroom door

Cute, simple, and Thanksgiving-themed!

turkey classroom door

I love how the students are writing what they are thankful for on this classroom door!

thanksgiving day classroom door

Straight and to the point and super easy to make!

thankful classroom door turkey

I love this bright and colorful turkey design.

pumpkin pie classroom door

This pie-themed classroom door is super cute and inventive! It would also be fun to make together as a class.

thankful tree decoration

This thankful tree is inspired by The Giving Tree.

squirrel classroom door

This simple Thanksgiving door is squirrel and nut-themed and you can use it all fall long instead of just for Thanksgiving.

classroom door designer

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