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Christmas STEM Activities for Preschool

Preschoolers are so much fun to learn with, because everything is amazing to them! Capture that spirit of wonder with these Christmas STEM activities for preschool.

It’s a fun holiday twist on preschool STEM activities but we love doing these as part of our Christmas STEM activities for kids from age 2 through 15!

Preschoolers are so much fun to learn with, because everything is amazing to them! Capture that spirit of wonder with these Christmas STEM activities for preschool.

Christmas STEM Activities for Preschool

Find our favorite Christmas STEM activities for preschool below, but first, make sure your STEM bins are stocked and ready to go for the holiday season and your preschool STEM activities!

Benefits of Christmas Experiments in Preschool

Christmas STEM Projects for Preschool

Preschoolers love learning and exploring the world, which means that science and STEM are perfect during the preschool years!

In the preschool classroom, STEM is more about exploring senses and reactions than learning “hard science” facts, but the goal of STEM in the preschool years is to foster a sense of wonder and awe at the world and a desire to know more about it!

During the holiday season, it is fun for preschoolers to tie holiday themes into their science lessons (and let’s face it, it’s also fun for teachers and caregivers, too!).

Supplies for Christmas STEM Challenges for Preschool

Make sure your preschool STEM closet is packed with some festive Christmas STEM supplies for your holiday STEM projects!

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My Favorite STEM Products for the Preschool Classroom

These STEM products are perfect for the preschool STEM classroom!


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Christmas STEM Activities for Preschool

Holiday STEM Challenges for Preschoolers

Try these Christmas STEM activities for preschool either in the classroom or at home with your own little preschool learner!

Christmas Science Experiments for Preschool

Science at Christmas is super fun with these preschool Christmas science experiments!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Slime is a fun science twist on the classic Christmas story!

Learn about the magic of static electricity with this Easy Static Electricity Experiment with a Balloon!

Make these Fizzing Christmas Science Ornaments and take them home for decorating!

The dissolving Candy Cane Science Experiment is a fun way to learn about solutions and dissolving with preschoolers!

Christmas Science Activities for Preschool

Preschool Christmas Technology Activities

These preschool Christmas activities all have a technology twist!

Long-Lasting Gingerbread Ornaments are a fun science activity to do with preschoolers and they can also be used as holiday ornaments!

Preschoolers will love this version of festive Bubble Christmas Lights powered by science!

Playdough Christmas Tree building is a fun way to explore the technology used in buildings!

Explore light and shadow science when you make Christmas Light Slime!

Preschool Christmas Engineering Activities

christmas stem challenges for preschool

Preschool Christmas engineering activities bring building and designing to life for preschool kids during the holiday season!

Try the Jingle Bell Engineering Challenge and see what preschoolers can build!

Try the Hide the Reindeer STEM Activity and learn about animal habitats.

Build an Ornament Holder and keep ornaments safe!

Practice shapes and colors with preschoolers when you make a Christmas Pattern Block Sensory Bag.

Christmas Math Activities for Preschool

Preschoolers are learning to count and identify numbers. Make it fun with these Christmas math activities for preschool!

Preschoolers will love playing and learning with these holiday Cookie Counting Playdough Mats.

Make Math Fun with Counting Bears and try these counting bear challenges!

Preschoolers will love counting and making this Christmas Color by Number activity.

Try these Penguin Math and Counting Activities in the preschool classroom this December!

Learn about counting (to whatever number you choose!) with this Simple Christmas Tree Christmas Countdown activity that you can do with preschoolers.

christmas stem calendar

More Christmas Activities for Preschool

Preschool Christmas Activities: Build an Ornament Holder

Play Doh Christmas Tree Preschool Engineering Challenge

Christmas Pattern Block Sensory Bag that will Bring STEM to Life

Christmas Coloring Pages

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