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Colorful Sand Painting for Kids Using Beach Sand

Now that summer is here, we’re having all kinds of fun with not only ocean science experiments, but also other fun summer learning ideas. We like to keep our summers full of educational ideas that are still fun. Today’s project is sand painting for kids.

Follow along with our directions to learn how to make art using real beach sand! It’s tons of fun and kids of all ages will have a blast making unique drawings and crafts out of sand.

Easy sand painting for kids! Just 2 ingredients and you can make beautiful sand paintings with kids using real beach sand!

How to Make Sand Painting for Kids

We’ve seen layered sand projects and sand drawings in a jar, but we wanted to do something a little more like traditional art. Instead of layering sand, we glued sand to paper to create sand paintings.

This project was simple, and the kids had a lot of fun both dyeing the sand and making their pictures.

Use these ideas in a STEM unit with a beach theme or art theme!

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Sand Art Supplies

To make these sand art paintings with kids you will need a few basic supplies. Shop these Amazon affiliate links to make sure you’re not missing anything important!

Need summer learning activities for kids? These sand paintings are the perfect way to make beach sand art. Sand art for kids is messy play at its best.

Where to Get Sand for Your Colored Sand Painting

First, you will need some sand.

You can purchase that online or at a local home improvement or garden store, or pick some up at the beach when you visit!

How to Dye Sand

Fill a plastic bag about half-way with sand and add a few drops of food coloring.

The more drops you add, the darker the sand will be. Also, the darker your sand is to begin with will alter the vibrancy of your final colored sand.

White sand will produce prettier, clearer colors. Shake the sand up in the bag until the color is evenly mixed. Kids love this part.

How to Make Sand Art Pictures for Kids

Take your sand, paper, and spray adhesive outdoors. You don’t want to do this project inside as the spray adhesive has fumes and the sand will get EVERYWHERE.

Need summer learning activities for kids? These sand paintings are the perfect way to make beach sand art. Sand art for kids is messy play at its best.

We found the best way to make the art was to only spray glue where we wanted to place sand. This is the same technique you would use if you were covering something in glitter.

Cover the glue with sand, then shake off the excess back into the bag. Work in small sections to prevent the sand colors from bleeding into one another.

We found that dry sand worked much better than damp sand.

When you are finished with your sand paintings, set them aside to dry. When they are dry, shake off any remaining sand and they will be ready to bring inside for display.

The kids loved hanging their sand paintings from the refrigerator to celebrate the summer season.

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