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Creative Easter STEM Activities with Plastic Eggs

Now that spring is here, all we’re thinking about is plastic Easter eggs!

Baby chicks and other baby birds are so fun to watch this time of year. But if you don’t happen to have a bird’s nest to observe nearby, these Easter STEM Activities with Plastic Eggs provide a fun substitute!

These STEM Easter egg activities are both educational and fun and provide tons of ways to learn and play with eggs that is the perfect thing for any thematic unit, Easter STEM activities, Easter activities at school, or just to do at home for extra fun on the weekend!

If you can't get real eggs this spring, these Easter STEM Activities with Plastic Eggs provide a fun substitute for Easter STEM activities!

Kids will have a blast creating these egg activities for kids. If you need more fun STEM activities for kids, try these creative STEM activities and easy science experiments!

Easter STEM Activities with Plastic Eggs

easter stem challenges

Try these Easter egg activities this spring for fun and hands-on learning!

Kids will have a blast learning about science, STEM, art and more with these super cute egg activities for kids.

What are the Benefits of Seasonal STEM Activities?

plastic egg experiments

Seasonal STEM activities, like these Easter STEAM activities, provide a lot of value in establishing science and STEM as topics that kids want to explore and study as they get older.

Sometimes, science doesn’t get a high priority in the classroom during elementary, which means that kids miss out on a lot of hands-on learning and exploration that can spark their imaginations and encourage them to go into science fields.

When you add these fun, seasonal hands-on activities to the classroom, kids learn on a deeper level and it inspires them to have a passion for science!

Additionally, kids remember concepts much better after learning with a hands-on lesson. And better learners are happier kids (and better test-takers!)

So keep reading to find out how you can teach STEM with plastic Easter eggs!

The Complete List of STEM Activities with Plastic Eggs

If you have plastic Easter eggs, you may be wondering what to do with them! No need to throw them away, there is lots of learning to do!

plastic egg stem challenges

Why not try these STEM activities that use plastic eggs!

There are activities for science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Easter Egg Science Activities

Try these plastic egg science activities in the classroom or home!

Explore the science of magnets using Easter eggs!

Try the Fizzing Easter Eggs science experiment and learn about chemistry!

Learn about the senses in the Listening Easter Egg Game.

Make a garden in a clear plastic egg!

Learn the science of how things move with these plastic Easter egg rocket racers.

Plastic Egg Engineering and Technology Activities

Kids will love trying out these plastic egg STEM activities!

Build a tower using plastic Easter eggs!

Kids off all ages will love the Egg Drop Engineering Project.  Use real eggs or plastic eggs and see how the protection level changes!

Make your own Hidden Toy Surprise Eggs as a fun STEM activity this Easter.

stem easter egg activigties

Plastic Easter Egg Art Activities

If you need a bit more A in your STEAM activities, try these Easter egg art activities!

Make Easter Egg Playdough for sensory play and learning. Store inside plastic Easter eggs or use Easter eggs to make the dough!

Try the Easter Egg Drip Painting for a super fun art project!

The Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons are so adorable!

Make these pretty Robin’s Egg Suncatchers as a STEAM activity!

Build your own Egg Teacups!

These plastic Easter Egg Owls are such a fun project to make at school.

stem activities with plastic eggs

Plastic Easter Egg Math Activities

These plastic Easter egg activities include elements of math!

Here are a bunch of ideas for how to use plastic Easter eggs in math.

Try these Easter egg math facts!

Learn how to match numbers and symbols and learn about place value with Easter eggs!

easter stem challenges

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