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The Ultimate List of Mason Jar Science Experiments

One of my favorite tools for doing science and STEM is a simple glass jar (you can also use plastic with younger kids!).

Jars are perfect for measuring, experiments, and all kinds of learning, and their clear apperance makes it easy to see reactions!

Keep reading to find a list of our favorite mason jar science experiments!

What can you do in a jar? Quite a lot! These mason jar science experiments are so much fun, and help teach kids the basics of the scientific method and science vocabulary even if you're not a science teacher! Make learning science fun again! It's not just a jar, it's a science jar! #stem #stemed #science #scienceexperiments #scienceforkids #scienceideas #scienceclass #masonjar #kidsactivitiies

How I got into mason jar science experiments

When my oldest was four, I wanted to help her learn to love reading.

I got out all my favorite books, many of which had fantasy themes.

But she HATED those books.

I was confused. What kid doesn’t like fantasy books?

So, I took her to the bookstore and let her pick out the books.

She picked books on animal science, weather science, and chemistry.

Science was my most hated subject in school, so I was in trouble.

How could I foster her love of science when I didn’t know much about science?

After thinking a while, I realized we could do fun science experiments together. She’d be learning, and I’d be learning right along with her!

I didn’t have any formal science equipment, so I used what I had. Which happened to be mason jars. So, we started doing Mason jar experiments!

That was over 7 years ago, and since then, we’ve done hundreds of science experiments for kids and STEM activities, most of which were done in jars!

Now, we have the Jarring Science Club so you can do your experiments in jars, too!

Mason Jar Experiments to Try at Home

If you love doing quick science experiments that wow, try these incredible mason jar science experiments!

Why Do Mason Jar Science?

Today, science experiments for kids are more important than ever.

Science and technology are huge parts of our world today, and the future will be even more science and tech-focused.

Kids who aren’t immersed in the world of science and STEM exploration from a young age will be left behind their peers, and may struggle to find work in the fast-changing landscape of future careers.

The simple science experiment that a child does today may spark their desire to discover something that will change the world in the future.

Every day, young children are using science experiments to solve real-world problems in medicine and technology that have never been uncovered before.

And all these scientific discoveries start with a firm foundation in science and STEM.

What can you do in a jar? Quite a lot! These mason jar science experiments are so much fun, and help teach kids the basics of the scientific method and science vocabulary even if you're not a science teacher! Make learning science fun again! It's not just a jar, it's a science jar! #stem #stemed #science #scienceexperiments #scienceforkids #scienceideas #scienceclass #masonjar #kidsactivitiies

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elementary stem challenge cards


You certainly don’t have to use mason jars for science. We’ve also used pickle jars, olive jars, jelly jars, and baby food jars.

But the main benefit of using a mason jar for science is that they are glass. Plastic isn’t a suitable material for many science experiments, because it can warp or melt.

Glass, on the other hand, is what most science equipment is made of and creates purer results.


What can you do in a jar? Quite a lot! These mason jar science experiments are so much fun, and help teach kids the basics of the scientific method and science vocabulary even if you're not a science teacher! Make learning science fun again! It's not just a jar, it's a science jar! #stem #stemed #science #scienceexperiments #scienceforkids #scienceideas #scienceclass #masonjar #kidsactivitiies

Every science experiment contains four elements:

A Question

Kids should start every science experiment with a question, even if that question is just “what will happen?”

A Hypothesis

Before doing any experiment, children should record what they believe will happen.

An Experiment

This is where the fun part comes into play. Test the hypothesis to determine if it answers the question fully.

A Recording and Analysis

As the test is completed, record what happened and analyze why.

A Re-test

Try different variables and try a new test to see if the original answer is confirmed or disproved.

Elementary Science Kits for Kids

Here are some of our favorite science kits to do in the classroom as a group in elementary!

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

simple lego engineering kit

STEM Kits for 1st Grade

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Get Ready-to-go Science Kits!

If you love science and STEM but don’t like hunting for supplies, we love the Mel Science kits. They have options for elementary and middle school, and each kit comes with all the supplies needed for each experiment!

Easy Science Experiments in a Jar You Can Do at Home

Try these mason jar science experiments in the classroom or at home!

Science Projects in a Jar

These science experiment jars are easy to put together and are perfect for science fair projects!

Learn about water density, energy, how molecules work, and more in this super fun and easy hot and cold water density science experiment! Kids will be delighted with how fun it is, and the bright colors will many any kid interested in science! It's the perfect STEM activity for the classroom or home. #science #stem #stemed #scienceclass #scienceexperiment #elementary #kidsactivities #learningactivities #teachingideas

Hot and Cold Water Density Experiment in a Jar

This twist on the classic naked egg science experiment illustrates the concept of osmosis for kids in a fun and surprising way.

Osmosis for Kids Science Experiment in a Jar

What do unicorns eat? They eat sugar rainbows! Learn how to make your own sugar rainbow density tower in this experiment inspired by Zoey and Sassafras.

How to Make a Calm Down Jar with Variations

Sugar Density Jar

Learning about trees? This tree unit study is designed to help elementary students learn everything they need to know about trees and photosynthesis!

Photosynthesis Science Experiment in a Jar

Take slime to the next level! Make volcano slime that really erupts using these easy directions for making dinosaur volcano slime! This volcano slime recipe uses fluffy slime and is perfect for setting up volcano science experiments at a science fair! Make slime educational! #slimerecipes #slime #slimer #scienceexperiments

Slime Volcano Science Experiment

liquid density experiment 1

Liquid Density Jar

cloud in a jar pin 2 1

Raining Rainbow Jar

Learn about how plants drink water with capillary action in this super-fun rainbow color changing flowers experiment! Kids of all ages will love it!

Color Changing Flowers

Learning with dinosaurs is so much fun. Use this science experiment to learn about salt crystals using dinosaurs! The dinosaur salt crystal science experiment is a fun learning activity for preschoolers and kindergarten. #dinosaurs #handsonlearning #scienceexperiments #preschoolactivities

Salt Crystal Dinosaurs

Learn about science with a tornado in a jar! This tornado in a jar lesson plan is so easy and an excellent way to learn about centripetal force and makes an excellent tornado science project. Use our tornado in a jar worksheet to complete the glitter tornado science activity! #stemactivities #scienceexperimentsforkids #science #stem

Tornado in a Jar

Kids will love this rainbow variation on the classic naked eggs experiment. Don't just make naked rubber eggs, make rainbow rubber eggs!

Rainbow Naked Egg Science in a Jar

sprouting seeds science experiment pin

Seed Sprouting Experiment in a Jar

Learning about biomes? This fun science activity shows you how to build a desert biome in a jar! Perfect for classrooms or homeschool!

Desert Biome in a Jar

Kids will love this wacky science experiment! Hot ice is a novelty any time of year. Learn the no-fail way for how to make hot ice here!

Hot Ice Science Experiment

Kids will love making their very own walking rainbow from just three colors. This amazing walking rainbow experiment is the most fun walking water experiment ever! You'll have a blast with the rainbow walking water. #scienceexperiment #science #stemactivities #science

Walking Rainbow in a Jar

Need a quick science experiment? Cornstarch quicksand is easy to make and teaches an interesting science lesson in non-Newtonian fluids at the same time. Science experiments with cornstarch are tons of fun, and this conrstarch science project is suitable for kids of all ages! #science #stem #stemed #scienceexperiments #kidsactivities #handsonlearning

Oobleck Science in a Jar

reaction science

Lava Lamp in a Jar

If you love oobleck, STEM activities, science projects, and all things fun, you'll love this glow in the dark oobleck experiment for kids. Fun for all ages!

Glow in the Dark Oobleck Jar

how to make fluffy rainbow slime 1

Fluffy Slime in a Jar

Love rainbows? Love glitter? Combine your loves in this beautiful glitter rainbow slime recipe! It's the perfect slime recipe for St. Patrick's Day or any time you need a burst of rainbow color in your classroom or home! #rainbow #slimerecipe #slime #kidsactivities #stpatricksday

Rainbow Slime in a a Jar

Of all the simple science projects we've made, we absolutely love this one using salt to cover feathers with crystals. So pretty for any time of year!

Salt Crystal Feathers in a Jar

Make STEM learning more fun when you make it spring themed! These spring STEM activities for kids provide the perfect spring environment for STEM lesson plans and STEM learning challenges. Spring stem challenges are a fun way to bring STEM education into the classroom or home!

Rainbow Density Jar

Spring Jar Experiments

Try these mason jar science experiments with a spring theme!

chick easter slime 88 1

Spring Chick Slime in a Jar

Love Easter? Love science? You won't want to miss this fun Easter lava lamp science experiment for kids! Kids will love the bright spring colors and it's a fun way to explore chemical reaction science with young kids using lava lamp technology! #easteractivities #easter #scienceexperiments #science

Easter Lava Lamp in a Jar

Do you love slime? Want to know how to make edible slime? This edible jellybean slime recipe is the perfect edible slime recipe for Easter! You don't have to be a slime expert to make this tasty borax-free slime for Easter! The perfect Easter slime recipe! #slime #slimerecipe #easteractivities #easter

Jelly Bean Slime

PEEPS are amazing and have so many educational uses. Take your PEEPS into the classroom with this PEEPs density science experiment! Learning with Peeps is a fun way to bring STEM activities to life! #easteractiviities #easterstem #stemactivities #scienceexperiments

Peeps Density Jar

Celebrate the educational side of Easter with this hands-on science project of salt crystal Easter eggs! This STEM activity is ideal for elementary science!

Salt Crystal Easter Eggs

Summer Science Jars

These science jars have a summer theme!

Slime is fun! Learn how to make tie dye slime in this fun variation on the classic liquid starch slime recipe. The perfect summer activity for kids!

Tie Dye Slime

Kids will love this incandescent, stretchy mermaid slime! It's the perfect summer slime recipe and the perfect addition to under the sea activities!

Mermaid Slime

Transform ordinary sand slime into a thing of wonder with this beach sand slime recipe! Kids will love playing with this slime made with laundry starch.

Beach Slime

Fall Experiment Jars

Make these fall-themed experiments in a mason jar!

Fall science activities are all about leaves, acorns, and pumpkins. Learn about ionic bonds in this fun salt crystal leaves science experiment.

Salt Crystal Leaves Science Experiment

If you love science experiments and you love fall activities, you'll love this simple science experiment making salt crystal apples!

Salt Crystal Apples in a Jar

Fall is the season for leaves, pumpkins, and slime? This fall leaf slime captures the feel of fall and makes a wonderful fall STEAM activity for kids!

Fall Leaf Slime

This leaf chromatography STEM activity shows just how many hidden colors there are in fall leaves! Your kids will have a blast with this one!

Leaf Chromatography

Mix Halloween and science with this fun spooky twist on the classic marker chromatography experiment! Make ghost chromatography science!

Ghost Chromatography in a Jar

If you love Halloween AND science, you'll love this experiment to make blood boil! This boiling blood slime recipe is the perfect gross Halloween activity!

Boiling Blood Slime

Halloween science experiments and Halloween STEM activities are super fun! This Halloween density jar is a simple science experiment kids will love!

Halloween Density Jar

Make Halloween fun by making ghost slime in your science classroom! This Halloween STEM activity is the perfect Halloween science experiment for kids.

Ghost Slime

If you love science AND you love Halloween, you'll love this witch-inspired take on the classic salt crystals science project! Kids will love it!

Witch Salt Crystals

Winter Mason Jar Experiments

This winter, make these winter mason jar experiments! Find more winter science in jars here.

Make science magical in December with fun Christmas science projects, like this dissolving candy cane science experiment. Make science festive!

Candy Cane Science in a Jar

No science is more fun than candy cane science. But you don't have to have candy canes to make these salt crystal candy canes!

Candy Cane Salt Crystals

Make your Christmas STEM activities last when you make these fizzy painted Christmas ornaments using baking soda and vinegar chemical reactions.

Fizzing Painted Ornaments

Combine a love of Christmas and a love of the galaxy in a STEAM exploration of galaxy Christmas ornaments. Kids will love this simple STEM activity!

Galaxy Christmas Ornaments

This Valentine's Day slime recipe is perfect for kids of all ages! Make this Valentine confetti slime as a non-candy valentine for your kid's class or make it in school as a Valentine STEM activity! #valentinesday #kidsactivities #slime #slimerecipes

Valentine Confetti Slime in a Jar

Learn about science this Valentine's Day with this fun Valentine's themed lava lamp science experiment! Kids will have a blast with this!

Valentine Lava Lamp

This Valentine's Day, learn all about marker chromatography combined with love when you make these heart-shaped chromatography stripes! Valentine's science!

Heart Chromatography in a Jar

This Valentine's Day, make your valentine these adorable salt crystal hearts! How are they made? Find out in this simple science experiment!

Salt Crystal Hearts in a Jar

elementary stem challenge cards

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