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Fun Winter Science Experiments in Jars

If you’re looking for fun winter science experiments in jars, you’ve come to the right place! This winter, use these fun experiments to learn about temperature, weather patterns, chemical bonds, earth science, crystals, molecular bonds, polymer chains, and more! Keep reading to view the complete list of fun winter science experiments that you can do inside of a jar!

If you're looking for fun winter science experiments, you've come to the right place! This winter, use these fun experiments to learn about science!

Why Do Fun Winter Science Experiments?

There are many benefits to completing seasonal science experiments that go beyond just viewing a science demonstration.

With fun science experiments, kids learn to view the world with curious eyes, and can discover that learning is fun.

Science is one of the best hands-on learning tools for kids, and it combines many elements of effective learning that can transcend the science lab into other areas of learning.

In a winter science experiment, kids are learning about the world and about a scientific concept. But they are also learning things like:

  • How to follow directions
  • How to set up an investigation
  • How to test a theory or idea
  • How to think logically about a problem
  • How to come up with solutions to a problem
  • How to make changes to a process along the way
  • How to prevent frustration when something doesn’t go quite right

Kids also learn creativity and critical thinking skills in the science classroom that are useful anywhere in life.

So if you’re ready to get started with these fun winter science experiments, keep reading! Even preschoolers can get in on the icy fun with these winter STEM activities for preschoolers.

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The Ultimate List of Fun Winter Science Experiments in Jars!

Fun winter science experiments in jars! Try these super fun winter science activities in your own kitchen using household supplies and a jar!

If you have a jar, you can do these fun winter science experiments in jars. Kids of all ages will love these wintery science experiments.

Make Instant Ice in 5 Seconds

In just five seconds, kids can make ice! How does it work? In this experiment, kids learn about molecular bonds, the freezing point of water, and how crystals form.

DIY Snow Storm in a Jar

You can make a blizzard in a jar! This super fun winter experiment teaches kids about chemical reactions, gasses, weather patterns, and more!

How to Make Frost in a Jar

If it’s not cold enough outside, you can make it cold inside by making frost in a jar. This science experiment teaches lessons on freezing point, condensation, the melting point of ice, and weather.

Winter Slime Recipe

In this winter slime experiment, kids can learn about polymer chains, chemical bonds, states of matter, and non-Newtonian fluids all while having fun playing with slime!

Hot Ice Science Project

Kids will be amazed that they can make an ice-like substance without any cold temperatures at all. Learn about chemical reactions, states of matter, crystal formation, and more in this fun experiment.

If you're looking for fun winter science experiments, you've come to the right place! This winter, use these fun experiments to learn about science!

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Nothing is more fun than snowflakes during the winter. Make your own in the borax crystal snowflake experiment. In just a couple of hours, transform borax powder into glittery snowflakes.

Make Your Own Snowglobe

Making a snowglobe is a fun way to celebrate the wintery season. While making the snow globe, learn about solutions, reactions, and the scientific method.

Burning Ice Science Experiment

In this science experiment, kids determine if it is possible to get ice to burn (safely), and how to do it. This experiment should only be done with close adult supervision.

Freezing Oil and Water Mixing Experiment

In this winter science experiment, kids determine if freezing oil makes it easier or harder for water and oil to mix.

Wintergreen Slime

Make slime with a wintergreen scent and learn about polymer chains while smelling amazing!

More Fun Winter Science Experiments

If you’re tired of learning in jars, you may also like these other winter science experiment ideas!

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More Winter Activities for Kids

Don’t leave preschoolers out! If your preschooler can’t do everything on this list of fun winter experiments in jars, then they can try these winter science experiments for preschool.

Even toddlers can begin to learn science. Check out this list of winter science experiments for toddlers and get the learning started early!

Brr! If it’s cold outside where you are (or maybe it’s hot and you want to remember a cooler time), then your kiddos will love these winter science experiments for elementary. Check out the complete list and learn about solutions and dissolving, molecular bonds, chemical reactions, and more!

If you’d like some winter-themed science fair projects for an upcoming science fair, we’ve got you covered! Check out the complete list of winter science fair projects here.

Kids will have fun trying these Winter Crafts for Kids.

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