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How to Draw a Poison Dart Frog with Just 1 Tool

In the world of frog activities for kids, you can’t forget drawing and art! Today, we are teaching you How to Draw a Poison Dart Frog. To create detailed and scientifically accurate poison dart frog drawings, use examples from dart frog stock illustrations to help capture the finer details. With proper study and attention, all it takes is a little bit of drawing knowledge, pencils, paper, and our handy tutorial on how to draw a poison dart frog to draw poison dart frogs like an expert!

How to draw a poison dart frog with step by step directions! Learn about frogs and drawing in this how to draw a frog tutorial.

Poison Dart Frogs and How to Sketch Them

Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to draw a poison dart frog with pencils. So, take a look at our frog drawing tutorial, roll up your sleeves, and embark on this thrilling drawing adventure!

Before you start drawing dart frogs, make sure you have everything you need to make the most scientifically accurate dart frog drawings.

Supplies Needed to Draw a Poison Dart Frog with Pencils

Before I teach you how to draw a poison dart frog, let’s talk about supplies.

Picture this: You’re all set to begin your artistic adventure, but wait… you’re missing a crucial pencil or a specific shade of red! It’s frustrating to scramble for supplies at the last minute. To avoid this, shop for your supplies in advance.

Here is what you will need to draw your own poison dart frog.

By planning ahead and being resourceful, you can make sure your students have everything they need to unleash their creativity without breaking the bank.

poison dart frog coloring sheets

Now, gather your supplies and get started drawing your own poison dart frog.

Fun Facts about Poison Dart Frogs

Poison dart frogs are vibrant amphibians are packed with surprises, from their toxic defenses to their dazzling colors and quirky behaviors. Here are some fun facts about these curious frogs that you might not know!

The scientific name for the dart frog is Dendrobatidae. Each type of poison dart frog has its own unique Latin name, but all of the dart frogs are part of the Dendrobatidae family.

Despite their tiny size, poison dart frogs are among the most toxic animals on Earth. Their skin secretes potent toxins, which indigenous tribes in Central and South America once used to coat their blow darts for hunting. Scientists believe the poison that the frogs secrete on their skin comes from the insects that they eat.

Hi there, aspiring artists! Come along on our drawing adventure in the classroom! Learn How to Draw a Poison Dart Frog  today!

Dart frogs come in a dazzling array of colors and patterns, ranging from vibrant reds and blues to striking yellows and greens. Each species has its own unique markings, making them a delightful subject for artists of all ages.

Dart frogs come in many sizes. While some poison dart frogs are no bigger than a thumbnail, others can grow to be several inches long. Despite their small stature, these frogs are agile climbers and can often be found hopping around the rainforest floor or scaling tree trunks with ease.

Although these are called “poison” frogs, not all poison dart frogs are toxic. Their toxicity comes from their diet, which includes ants, mites, and other small insects that contain alkaloids—the compounds responsible for their poisonous properties.

\In the wild, dart frogs eat a lot of these insects, but in captivity, dart frogs don’t eat these insects, which makes them safe to touch and own as pets.

Dart frogs are surprisingly family-oriented. After mating, the female lays her eggs on a leaf or in a crevice, and the male stands guard, keeping the eggs moist by urinating on them.

Scientists study poison dart frogs to learn about their toxins and potentially develop new medicines. Who knew these tiny creatures held the key to unlocking medical breakthroughs?

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STEM Extension Ideas to Learn about Poison Dart Frogs

Unlock the secrets of biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and technology while learning about these colorful amphibians. From understanding frog communication to unlocking the secrets of their toxins and biomechanics, there is a lot to learn considering how tiny dart frogs are!

Poison dart frogs communicate through a series of chirps and calls, rather than a traditional frog “ribbit.” These vocalizations play a crucial role in mating and territorial disputes.

Frog Teaching Resources

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Scientists already know that poison dart frogs secrete toxins through their skin, but have you ever wondered how these toxins work on a molecular level? Use a chemistry lab to learn how alkaloids and neurotransmitters work together, against each other, and with the nervous system.

Poison dart frogs are indicator species, meaning they provide valuable insights into the health of their ecosystems. Take a closer look at the rainforest habitat where these frogs reside and explore the interconnected web of plants, animals, and microorganisms that call it home.

What can be learned about biodiversity and conservation from studying these tiny amphibians?

golden poison dart frog

More Frog Activity Ideas

Here are some other frog activities and poison dart frog resources that will widen the scope of this art project far beyond the page.

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How to Draw a Poison Dart Frog Step by Step

Follow these step by step directions to learn how to make a realistic dart frog drawing.

Spring STEM Lesson Plans

If you want ready-to-go, low-prep spring lesson plans, you’ll love these resources. Spring science can have an emphasis on regeneration, growth, new life, birth, seasons, and weather.

Poison Dart Frog Coloring Sheet

Grab this poison dart frog coloring sheet to use alongside your frog drawing lesson.

poison dart frog coloring sheets

After drawing your frog, you can color the frogs to make different types of dart frogs.

Redheaded Poison Dart Frog

The read headed poison dart frog has a dark body and a red colored head. Some frogs have patterns on their bodies, while other frogs may have bodies that are entirely black.

red headed poison dart frog

Golden Poison Dart Frog

The golden poison dart frog is almost entirely a deep golden color, sometimes ranging from paler yellow to a color that is almost orange.

golden poison dart frog

Blue Poison Dart Frog

The blue poison dart frog is electric blue with black spots all over its body. The pattern of the blue dart frog can vary, but it is one of the most recognizable poison frogs in nature.

blue poison dart frog

Print out these directions and take them with you anywhere as you learn how to draw a poison dart frog.

poison dart frog coloring sheets
How to Draw a Poison Dart Frog

How to Draw a Poison Dart Frog

Want to learn how to draw a poison dart frog? You've come to the right place! Follow along with these step by step directions to learn how to draw a poison dart frog.


  • Sketch paper
  • Drawing pencils
  • Colored pencils


To begin, you can use a reference photo of a real poison dart frog as inspiration.1 5

Begin by drawing a rough outline of the frog's body using light pencil strokes. Focus on capturing its general shape, which is usually elongated with a slightly rounded head and body.

Next, add in the frog's limbs, positioning them according to the desired pose. Poison Dart Frogs have relatively short limbs compared to their body size. Don't forget to include details like the toes, which are often slightly webbed. 2

Draw two large, oval-shaped eyes near the top of the head. Inside each eye, add a smaller circle to represent the iris. Then, add a tiny circle or oval for the pupil. Poison Dart Frogs often have distinctive patterns around their eyes, so feel free to add those as well. 3

Poison Dart Frogs are known for their vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Use your imagination to create unique designs on the frog's skin. These patterns can include stripes, spots, or even intricate mosaics. golden poison dart frog

Once you're satisfied with the overall shape and details, go over your drawing with darker pencil strokes to define the outlines and features. Erase any unnecessary guidelines or stray marks. 4

Poison Dart Frogs come in a variety of bright hues, so don't be afraid to get creative with your color choices. Use colored pencils, markers, or paints to bring your frog to life. blue poison dart frog

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