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How to make a LEGO Sports Car Engineering Challenge

Have you ever thought about starting young engineers through using LEGO? One easy way to start an interesting engineering is how to make a LEGO sports car. Sleek and fast, this Convertible LEGO Sports Car looks like it could outrun anything that comes it’s way.

Nothing like a fantastic red color to start off your new LEGO sports car. If your students enjoy making this LEGO sportscar, check out other simple LEGO car designs here!

Learn how to build a LEGO Sports Car in 10 minutes. Step by step LEGO car building directions perfect for elementary engineering challenges

How to Make a LEGO Sports Car Step by Step

Building with LEGO pieces is great for kinesthetic learners between ages 6-12. Research from Bay Atlantic University inspired by Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, says that kinesthetic type learning helps with cognitive functions and critical thinking. Which are two essential skills in STEM learning.

Where to Find bricks for LEGO Sports Cars

Most of the pieces for this LEGO sports car design comes from the LEGO creative brick box . If you don’t have the creative brick box or find that you’re missing some pieces, you’ll be able to find specific parts in this Compatible LEGO Car Parts set.

 In 10 minutes, you'll learn how to build a LEGO Sports Car. Instructions for building a LEGO car step by step can a good introduction to elementary engineering challenges.

You can also make other adjustments for how to make a LEGO sports car your own way. A piece like a 1×4 you can easily swap in 2 of the 1×2’s to fill in the same amount of space. LEGO is very forgiving if you follow the same amount of studs width and lengthwise. Small variations in design are also part of the engineering process!

LEGO Sports Car Parts List

This red LEGO sports car uses these specific parts below if you would like learn how to make a LEGO sports car using this design.

  • 1 gray 4×12 plate
  • 2 black 2×2 bricks
  • 5 red 1×1 bricks
  • 2 red 1×4 plates
  • 2 red 2×4 bricks
  • 1 red 2×6 plate
  • 2 red 2×4 with slope
  • 1 red 1×4 smooth tile
  • 2 red 1x 4 curved plates with a smooth top
  • 1 sloped windshield
  • 1 steering wheel
  • 2 black axles
  • 4 tires
  • 4 gray wheels
  • 1 black 2×2 chair

LEGO Car Building Kits

If you don’t feel like sourcing your own materials, or have too many students to work out of a single LEGO creative box, then you might want to look for LEGO sports car building kits.

I found these four kits on Etsy for reasonable prices and the designs are pretty amazing!

lego challenge cards

Playing with LEGO is more than just fun. There are actually many STEM applications that can be used in the classroom.

How to use LEGO bricks in a STEM classroom

LEGO bricks are highly sought after materials in STEM classrooms that encourage creative learning through kinesthetic type of intelligence. Elementary students are encourage to build and take apart their creation in order to innovate and add their own unique twist to a project.

This challenge in learning how to build a LEGO sports car helps build not just cognitive skills but also motor skills in the child’s developmental stages. You can try these LEGO Race Car Ideas to teach Newton’s Laws of Motion!

Red DIY LEGO Sports Car

If you love building easy LEGO cars, check out our other LEGO car designs below!

More DIY LEGO Car Designs

If you have different bricks would like to try more LEGO challenges check these out!

Part of the fun of a LEGO engineering challenge is the creative twists that children come up in the process. Try to create fun and imaginative additions to your sports car by adding more bricks and features!

lego challenge cards

Get the detailed printable instructions for this LEGO Sports Car design down below.

STEM Engineering Challenge: How to Make a LEGO Sports Car

STEM Engineering Challenge: How to Make a LEGO Sports Car

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: medium

Have you ever considered starting young engineers with LEGO?
Making a LEGO sports car is a simple way to get students to get started with engineering and design.

This Convertible LEGO Sports Car appears to be sleek and fast enough to outrun anything that comes its way.


  • 1 gray 4x12 plate
  • 2 black 2x2 bricks
  • 5 red 1x1 bricks
  • 2 red 1x4 plates
  • 2 red 2x4 bricks
  • 1 red 2x6 plate
  • 2 red 2x4 with slope
  • 1 red 1x4 smooth tile
  • 2 red 1x 4 curved plates with a smooth top
  • 1 sloped windshield
  • 1 steering wheel
  • 2 black axles
  • 4 tires
  • 4 gray wheels
  • 1 black 2x2 chair


  1. lego sports car pieces Place 2 red 2x2 bricks with a slope on the front of the gray 4x12 plate.
  2. Snap a red 2x4 brick directly behind it and 2 more vertically at the other end.
  3. Fill in the sides of the gray base with 2 red 1x2s on each side.building lego sports car
  4. Press the seat and steering wheel into the center of the red pieces.
  5. Connect a red 1x4 plate onto a black 2x4 lego sports car
  6. Place a 2x2 black curved plate with a smooth top in the middle and 2 blue 1x2 curved plates with a smooth top on either side.
  7. Add this piece to the back of the car.easy lego sports car
  8. Connect a red 1x4 to the top of the windshield and place it in front of the steering wheel.
  9. On the front end of the car press 2 red 2x2 curved plates with smooth tops just in front of the sports car

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