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20 Springtime March Worksheets for Preschoolers Bursting with New Life

Bring new life into your spring preschool classroom with these March worksheets for preschoolers that caters specifically to their “blossoming” minds. These springtime worksheets for preschool can be added to your collection of STEM worksheets that you can stash for whenever you need to add a time filling lesson that still has educational value. These age-appropriate activities are designed to captivate the attention of 3-5 year olds. Embrace the fierce up and down weather of March with these spring worksheets for the preschool classroom.

Prepare for an engaging journey with our Springtime March Worksheets for Preschoolers, captivating their blossoming minds. Crafted for ages 3 to 5, these activities seamlessly blend education and discovery, fostering a love for learning in early elementary years.

Explore the wonders of spring with these March worksheets for preschoolers tailored to their developmental stage. Witness the joy in your students’ eyes as they dive into these worksheets, carefully curated to align with early childhood education standards and milestones. 

Springtime March Worksheets for Preschoolers

All of these preschool worksheets for March were curated with the needs of both preschool teachers and children aged three to five years of age. These activities seamlessly blend education and discovery, fostering a love for learning before “school” really starts.

Here is some info to make using these preschool March worksheets in the classroom easier!

STEM Topics to Teach with these March Worksheets for Preschoolers

You’ll find all of our favorite STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts in this list of March worksheets for preschoolers.

March Science Topics for Preschoolers

Dive into entomology by exploring the fascinating world of insects. Counting legs, identifying different species, and understanding their roles in pollination provide early exposure to biological concepts.

Explore the science behind the changing seasons as preschoolers delve into the wonders of spring. From budding flowers to chirping birds, these worksheets introduce basic biological concepts, fostering an early appreciation for the natural world.

Whether it’s exploring different textures of leaves, identifying scents of spring flowers, or feeling the warmth of the sun, preschoolers develop sensory awareness and observation skills in these preschool worksheets for March.

Introduce basic color theory through spring hues. Mixing primary colors to create secondary colors with flower petals or paint engages preschoolers in simple chemistry concepts, making learning colorful and fun.

Spring STEM Supplies for the Classroom

Here are some fun spring-themed activities and kits to add to your spring STEM activities.

nature boxes

Nature Exploration Boxes

prisim set

Classroom Prism Set

light exploration classroom set

Light Exploration Classroom Kit

life cycle puzzles

Life Cycle Puzzles

mobile greenhouse

Mobile Greenhouse

vegetable garden classroom kit

Classroom Vegetable Growing Kit

prisim set

Botany Lab Experimental Greenhouse 

real insect specimins

Real Insect Life Cycle Specimens

ladybug land observation jar

Ladybug Observation Habitat

plant flower observation classroom kit

Classroom Plant Observation Kit

seeds book and gardening classroom set

Seeds Book and Classroom Flower Growing Kit

life science classroom kit

Life Science Classroom Kit

water cycle posters

Water Cycle Posters Classroom Kit

weather science center

Weather Science Center

lego flower pot building set

LEGO Watering Can Set

March Technology Topics for Preschoolers

Introduce meteorology in a playful way by incorporating weather-related activities. From raindrop counting to cloud shapes, preschoolers grasp fundamental weather concepts while developing observational skills.

March Engineering Topics for Preschoolers

Explore the engineering side of STEM with activities that involve building, stacking, and arranging. Constructing a mini-garden or designing a flower bed encourages spatial thinking and problem-solving skills.

March Math Topics for Preschoolers

Engage in mathematical fun with spring-themed counting exercises. Counting petals on flowers or eggs in a nest not only reinforces numerical skills but also introduces basic concepts of quantity and measurement.

Identifying and matching shapes on flowers, leaves, or even insects encourages spatial awareness and lays the groundwork for more complex geometric understanding.

Foster mathematical thinking with pattern recognition exercises. Whether it’s arranging flowers in a sequence or identifying recurring shapes, preschoolers develop foundational skills crucial for future mathematical understanding.

Don’t forget these essentials for printing worksheets!

Save yourself the frustration of last-minute searches by planning ahead!

Don’t worry we have your back, check out these essential supplies that you can use to print out and complete everything from the worksheets themselves to the additional supplies for any hands-on elements.

Spring Books for the Classroom

Here are some spring books that you can use in your classroom this spring to teach kids about spring science and other spring topics!

spring science books set

Spring Science Book Set

weather science book pack

Weather Science Book Set

april printable pack 3rd grade

April Classroom Printables Set

may printable pack 3rd grade

May Classroom Printables Set

Amphibians Reader Grade 1 3

Amphibians Science Reader

Birds Reader Grade 1 3

Birds Science Reader

Toads and Other Amphibians Reader Grade 3 8

Toads Science Reader

life cycle science books

Life Cycle Books Classroom Set

Fun Facts about March for Preschoolers

March marks the official arrival of spring, bringing with it longer days and a burst of colorful blooms. It’s the season when nature awakens from its winter slumber, and animals start their lively activities.

Did you know that some flowers, like the daffodil and crocus, can actually push through the snow to bloom? It’s nature’s way of saying, “Spring is here!”

March 20th or 21st usually heralds the Spring Equinox, a day when day and night are approximately equal in length worldwide. It’s a fascinating celestial event that signals the changing seasons.

Spring is the time when butterflies emerge from their chrysalises, showcasing a captivating dance of colors. Monarch butterflies, for instance, embark on a remarkable migration journey during this season.

Birds are busy building nests in March to prepare for their upcoming chicks. It’s a wonderful time to observe feathered friends displaying their architectural skills.

preschool stem challenges

Ever heard the phrase “mad as a March hare”? It originates from the lively and erratic behavior of hares during their mating season, adding a touch of whimsy to the month.

March is known for its unpredictable weather, often characterized by rain showers. Teach your preschoolers the science behind rain with fun facts about how raindrops form and fall from the sky.

March is renowned for its winds, which are said to “come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.” Explore the science behind the wind’s movement and its impact on weather patterns.

Spring brings us the joy of longer days as we “spring forward” by adjusting our clocks. Explain to your preschoolers the concept of Daylight Saving Time and how it affects our daily routines.

Introduce musical elements to your worksheets by highlighting March as National Music in Our Schools Month. Share interesting facts about musical instruments and the joy of creating music.

March is also an exciting time for animal enthusiasts. From the return of migratory birds to the emergence of hibernating animals, there’s a wealth of wildlife wonders to explore.

Classroom Decorations for Spring

Here are some fun spring decorations to use to brighten up the classroom if spring outside is taking its time to arrive!

paper bug cutouts

Bug Paper Cutouts

4 season classroom door decorating kit

4 Season Classroom Door Decorating Kit

Never Stop Growing Bulletin Board

Never Stop Growing Bulletin Board

bunny bulletin board

Bunny Bulletin Board

paper flower decorations classroom

Paper Flowers

spring holiday door decorating kit

Spring Holiday Classroom Door Decorating Kit

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Hanging Paper Flowers

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Farmer’s Market Classroom Decorating Kit

4 seasons classroom tree decoration

4-Season Classroom Tree

spring vibes classroom door decorating kit

Spring Vibes Classroom Door Decorating Kit

Get even more spring decorations for the classroom here!

March occasionally graces us with a super moon, appearing larger and brighter in the night sky. Illuminate your preschoolers with the magic of lunar cycles.

Several interesting holidays are in March, including Pi Day on March 14th, St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, and sometimes Easter, and the birthday of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone on March 3rd.

STEM Extension Ideas for March Preschool Themes

These engaging March STEM extensions seamlessly blend science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, turning March into a month long learning adventure.

Why not try a simple seed germination experiment with egg shell garden science? Allow preschoolers to observe and document the growth of seeds in different conditions, emphasizing the basic principles of botany.

Create a mini weather station in your classroom. Encourage students to monitor and record daily weather conditions, introducing them to basic technology like thermometers and rain gauges and teach them the importance of data collection.

Create a miniature butterfly garden on your school grounds. Discuss the importance of specific plant choices to attract butterflies, encouraging students to plan and create their own garden space.

Turn your outdoor exploration into a mathematical adventure. Craft a nature scavenger hunt that involves counting, categorizing, and even measuring various natural elements, promoting mathematical thinking in an outdoor setting.

Combine science and engineering by constructing simple bird feeders. Discuss the different types of bird beaks and how they relate to the birds’ diets, and then let preschoolers design and build their own feeders using recycled materials.

Explore the science of colors by creating a rainbow density jar. Use colored liquids with different densities to demonstrate the concept of layering while discussing the mathematics behind mixing primary colors to form secondary colors.

With our Springtime March Worksheets for Preschoolers, get ready for an exciting journey that will captivate their developing minds. Designed for children aged three to five, these activities combine learning and exploration in a seamless way, encouraging a love of learning in the early elementary years.

Merge math and art by collecting various natural materials like leaves, twigs, and stones. Have students create a collage, arranging the items into different shapes and patterns, reinforcing both mathematical and artistic concepts.

Engage the senses by exploring the science of flowers with a hands-on flower dissection science activity. Allow students to touch, smell, and observe various flowers, discussing the different parts of a flower and their functions.

Combine engineering and mathematics by constructing windsocks. Discuss wind direction and speed, then let preschoolers design and decorate their own windsocks, providing an opportunity for creative expression.

Explore ways that various animals and creatures grow with activities like the butterfly life cycle science activity, this life cycle of a bee activity, or our Earth Day LEGO challenge.

Spring Shirts for Teachers

Whether you want to rep the newly growing flowers, the warm spring breeze, or your favorite spring animal or insect, you’ll find the perfect spring shirt for teachers here!

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Take a walk outdoors and turn it into a pattern recognition activity. Encourage students to identify and create patterns using elements from nature, promoting mathematical thinking in a real-world context.

Foster scientific inquiry and technological exploration by crafting a simple rain gauge. Install it in an outdoor area, allowing preschoolers to measure and record rainfall, connecting weather patterns to real-world data collection.

Infusing these STEM extensions into your March lessons enhances preschoolers’ understanding of STEM concepts and makes learning a fun and immersive experience.

More Spring Projects for Preschool

Here are some other fun preschool activities to try in March!

16 Free March Worksheets for Preschool

Whether used independently or as part of a broader thematic unit in March, these preschool educational no prep work sheets will make learning enriching and fun.

And don’t forget to grab our FREE preschool STEM challenges to use in your classroom!

preschool stem challenges

16 Printable March Worksheets for Preschoolers

Check out this list of the best printable March worksheets for preschoolers online! From weather to flowers, you'll find a topic for every preschool March theme.

Resources to Make Teaching Easy and Fun!

These resources not only add an element of fun to the learning process but also provide teachers with versatile tools to simplify complex STEM concepts, fostering an environment where curiosity and exploration thrive.

STEM Teaching Resources

These teaching resources will make your STEM classroom more fun and rewarding for your students!

stem activity worksheet

STEM worksheets

Unleash the inner scientist in your students with our STEM experiment kits for elementary kids.

STEM experiment kits

space erasers

Space erasers

planet erasers

Planet erasers

star erasers

Star erasers

science stem noteboooks

Mini science notebooks

science straws

Science crazy straws

science notepads

Science sticky notes

Science themed stickers

stem journal

STEM journal

life cycle puzzles

Life Cycle Puzzles

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