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Adorable Black Glue Paper Plate Seahorse Craft for Kids

If your kids love the ocean and all ocean creatures, they will love making this paper plate seahorse craft!

The seahorse is so simple to make, but the addition of black glue makes it stand out from other seahorse crafts. Do this craft as part of your ocean science experiments!

Learn how to make a Paper Plate Seahorse Craft! Black glue makes this seahorse paper plate craft extra special and fun!

Your kids will have a blast making this seaworthy seahorse craft that you can display on the fridge, in a window, or in the classroom!

Use this seahorse craft during an ocean thematic unit, when studying seahorses or the letter “S,” or any time.

This craft makes a fun screen-free summer project and is perfect for kids in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school!

Of all the ocean crafts we’ve tried this year, the black glue seahorse is one of my favorite craft projects for kids yet.

Ocean Science Lessons

If you like learning about ocean creatures and the ocean, don’t miss this ocean science bundle! There are super fun ocean-themed science experiments that elementary kids will love!

How to Make A paper plate Seahorse

It isn’t hard to make this super fun craft that looks ocean-ready in no time! Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need on hand to make this seahorse activity!

What you’ll need to make the paper plate seahorse: 

Supplies to make a paper plate seahorse. Black glue, markers, paper plate, and a pencil. Scissors not pictured.

Shop these Amazon affiliate links to make sure you have everything you need to complete your seahorse craft!

How to Make Black Glue

If you don’t have any black glue, you can make it!

Use a half-empty bottle of glue.

Open the bottle and squeeze in black gel food coloring. Use a lot, or your glue will look gray.

Use a popsicle stick to stir the glue.

Put the lid back on and shake the glue to mix even more.

Once the glue turns black, you are ready to go!

If you have any trouble with making black glue, you can pick some up here.

Paper Plate Seahorse Template

We used a seahorse template from here. But you can also make your own outline if you like!

The most important thing is to make sure the template can fit on your paper plate.

Seahorse Paper Plate Craft Directions

If you have a paper plate, then you can make this seahorse!

Paper plate outline of a paper plate seahorse craft.

First, draw the outline of a seahorse on the paper plate. I had my kids look at a picture of a seahorse, then they freehanded the outline on their own and cut it out.

Next, color the seahorse as desired. We didn’t get too realistic here.

Colored seahorse craft made from a paper plate.

Outline the different parts of the seahorse with black glue.

Let the glue dry.

Black glue outline of the paper plate seahorse, colored blue, dark green, and light green.

Add a mouth and eye to complete the craft!

Completed seahorse craft for preschool on a blue background.

If you want, you can glue a piece of string to the back so it’s easier to hang, but we just taped ours to the refrigerator.

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