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Make your own preschool dinosaur theme with these fun dinosaur activities. With this collection of dino activities, you’ll have everything you need to build a complete dinosuar learning theme for preschool or kindergarten!

Preschool dinosaur activities and kindergarten dinosaur activities are so much fun, and kids will have a blast learning about letters, numbers, and dinosaurs themselves.

Dinosaurs are always one of the favorite subjects of little girls and boys, so this dinosaur theme will definitely be a hit with your class!

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The ultimate list of fun dinosaur activities for kids. These dinosaur theme ideas include dinosaur activities for math, dinosaur activities for science, dinosaur activities for literacy, dinosaur crafts, and dinosaur sensory activity ideas. #thematicunit #earlylearning #preschool #kindergarten #dinosaurs #unitstudy #learningtheme

If you need more hands-on activity ideas, try creative STEM activities, fun math activities, or unicorn activities. Find even more dinosaur themed activities here!



This list of dinosaur activities will keep kids learning in a fun and hands on way. In this collection of dinosaur activity ideas, you’ll find activities for learning math, science, letters, and fun crafts. Take the learning even further with dinosaur books that you can read to your class during dinosaur week.

There are even enough fun dinosaur activities to last for several weeks, so even if your school does learning themes for a month, you’ll find enough ideas to keep the theme alive all month long.


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Learning is more fun with dinosaurs. Image of a collection of fun dinosaur activities for kids. Dinosaur math, dinosaur science, dinosaur sensory, and dinosaur literacy activities. #thematicunit #earlylearning #preschool #kindergarten #dinosaurs #unitstudy #learningtheme

Kids love dinosaurs. There is almost something innate to kids that make them love these giant creatures from the past. Even though only a few dinosaur-related species exist today, learning with and about dinosaurs keeps things fresh and exciting in the classroom.

The best way to make your activities go smoothly is to plan ahead. Know what activities you will do each day, and if you’re going to go full dinosaur or if you just want to work in one dinosaur themed activity a day during your other regular lessons.

Look for activities that are easy to do in a group setting if you’ll be doing these activities with a large class. There are a lot of fun activities out there that are a little harder in a group setting.

The dinosaur activity ideas in this list are designed to be done with groups of kids, but you know your kids best. If you think they won’t be able to handle a project as a group, try something a little easier.

Try to have fun and keep things simple where possible.

Before doing activities in the classroom, make sure you know how to facilitate the activity and have everything you need on hand for that activity before starting.

Have fun with your dinosaur activities!



Fun dinosaur activities for early learning themes. #thematicunit #earlylearning #preschool #kindergarten #dinosaurs #unitstudy #learningtheme

Keep reading to find the complete list of fun dinosaur activities for kids!

Learning is always a blast with dinosaurs.

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Fun dinosaur activities for preschool and kindergarten. A complete list of dinosaur activities for early years including dinosaur crafts, dinosaur science, dinosaur books, dinosaur math, dinosaur letter activities, and dinosaur sensory activities. #thematicunit #earlylearning #preschool #kindergarten #dinosaurs #unitstudy #learningtheme


Try these fun dinosaur crafts in your class!

dinosaur pplay paper mache cave

Papier Mache Dinosaur Nest  // Crayon Box Chronicles

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs // Paging Fun Mums

Shape Dinosaurs // Little Family Fun

Handprint Dinosaur // Simply Learning Kids

Paper Plate Dinosaurs // The Craft Train



Little science lovers will love these dino-themed science experiments.

Take slime to the next level! Make volcano slime that really erupts using these easy directions for making dinosaur volcano slime! This volcano slime recipe uses fluffy slime and is perfect for setting up volcano science experiments at a science fair! Make slime educational! #slimerecipes #slime #slimer #scienceexperiments

Erupting Dinosaur VolcanoLearning with dinosaurs is so much fun. Use this science experiment to learn about salt crystals using dinosaurs! The dinosaur salt crystal science experiment is a fun learning activity for preschoolers and kindergarten. #dinosaurs #handsonlearning #scienceexperiments #preschoolactivities

Salt Crystal Dinosaurs

Build a Dino // J Daniel 4’s Mom

Dinosaur Excavation // Little Bins for Little Hands

Hatch Dinosaur Eggs // STEAM Powered Family

How to Make Dinosaur Fossils // Learning 4 Kids



Dinosaurs are a fun way to make learning letters a lot more interesting.

dinosaur letter tracing

Dinosaur Alphabet Maze // Learning Resources

Dinosaur Alphabet MThe ultimate list of fun dinosaur activities for kids. These dinosaur theme ideas include dinosaur activities for math, dinosaur activities for science, dinosaur activities for literacy, dinosaur crafts, and dinosaur sensory activity ideas. #thematicunit #earlylearning #preschool #kindergarten #dinosaurs #unitstudy #learningthemeatching // Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

High Frequency Words Dino Eggs // Rainy Day Mum

Beginning Sound Fossil Matching // Growing Book by Book

Dinosaur Writing Tray // The Imagination Tree

Dinosaur Letter Tracing // Modern Preschool

Dinosaur Printable Pack // Easy Peasy and Fun


Math is a lot more fun when you can learn with dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Counting Cards numbers

Dinosaur Tanagrams // Sugar Spice and Glitter

Digging for Dinosaur Bones // The Imagination Tree

Dinosaur Counting Cards // The Kindergarten Connection

Dinosaur Math Worksheets // Pre-K Pages

Dinosaur Math Activities // Living Life and Learning



Try these dinosaur sensory activities with your kids today! They will have a blast!

Dinosaur Sensory Tub for Kids

Dinosaur Sensory Bin // Fantastic Fun and Learning

Dinosaur Sensory Swamp // Teaching Mama

Play Dough Dinosaur Eggs // Pre-K Pages

Dinosaur Sensory Bottle // Simple Play Ideas

Dinosaur Scrubbing // Sugar Spice and Glitter

Dinosaur Small World // Little Bins for Little Hands



Don’t miss this fun collection of dinosaur books for kids. Kids will love these amazing dinosaur books!

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National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)Dinosaur A-Z: For kids who really love dinosaurs!Dinosaur A-Z: For kids who really love dinosaurs!My Big Dinosaur BookMy Big Dinosaur BookOh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)Dinosaur! (Knowledge Encyclopedias)Dinosaur! (Knowledge Encyclopedias)Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-UpEncyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-UpNational Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia, Second EditionNational Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia, Second Edition

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