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11+ Thanksgiving School Crafts for Kids

One of our favorite things to do in the classroom during November is Thanksgiving crafts! There are a lot of fun crafts to try out during November, and this list of Thanksgiving school crafts provides a lot of fun craft ideas for elementary kids.

If you are an elementary or primary teacher, then you’ll love this assortment of school crafts for Thanksgiving to try out with your elementary students.

And best of all, the projects are easy, low-prep, and use craft supplies you probably already have on hand so no need to buy something new for these Thanksgiving crafts!

Keep reading to uncover some super fun Thanksgiving crafts that are perfect to try with elementary kids!

Low prep Thanksgiving school crafts for the elementary classroom! Thanksgiving crafts for kids using craft supplies you already own!

Easy and Low-Prep Thanksgiving School Crafts for Teachers

Try these low-prep and easy Thanksgiving school crafts with your class this year!

thanksgiving stem challenges

Essential Supplies for Thanksgiving School Crafts

You’ll need these supplies when doing your Thanksgiving school crafts! If you don’t have a good storage system for your crafts, check out my favorite classroom craft storage after this list of essential classroom craft supplies.

How to Store Craft Supplies in the Classroom

I like to have all of my craft supplies in one place, and I really like the use of open-top containers. Amazon has some really cool storage options for craft supplies in the classroom, including this Craft tower storage bin.

Another practical option that’s a little smaller is this open-top cubby shelf.

And if you like your craft storage to be mobile, this craft cart is sturdy enough for daily use and has a lot of storage options for all sorts of craft supplies!

Simple Thanksgiving Science Experiments for the Elementary Classroom

Over 11 Practical and Fun Thanksgiving School Crafts for Elementary!

If you are teaching elementary it can be hard to find the right kind of crafts to do in school. But this list of crafts is inexpensive, easy for kids to do, low prep, and educational all at the same time!

Pick out some super fun Thanksgiving school crafts from the activities listed below!

They are perfect for the elementary classroom and kids aged five through eleven.

s! There are a lot of fun crafts to try out during November, and this list of Thanksgiving school crafts provides a lot of fun craft ideas for elementary kids.

Find out how to make salt crystal feathers with this science and craft experiment.

Learn how to make a LEGO turkey dinner that’s 3D and looks just like a Thanksgiving turkey!

Mix science and crafts with the leaf chromatography experiment.

If you love egg carton crafts, you’ll want to make these egg carton turkeys with your kiddos!

And school kids can try this turkey egg drop project with popsicle sticks.

And this fall leaf slime will make any child delighted about Thanksgiving!

While you are at it, try making a 3D LEGO pumpkin!

And you’ll also love learning how to make a turkey out of LEGOs.

And how much fun is it to make a turkey out of a pinecone?

Use feathers and crafts sticks to make these turkey puppets!

Here is a fun beaded corn activity that kids will love!

Why not make these super cute thankful paper bag turkeys and keep the focus of Thanksgiving on being thankful!

Kids will have so much fun printing out and playing with this Thanksgiving cootie catcher.

For a fun craft you can hang in the classroom or outdoors, make these easy thankful wind spinners with your class!

What Thanksgiving crafts do you like to do in your school classroom?

thanksgiving stem challenges

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