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20 Easy and Educational Frog Activities for Elementary Students

There is something about springtime and frogs that just go together, isn’t there? With these frog activities for kids, elementary students can learn about frogs in a whole new way. These frog activities for elementary students are designed for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade, and if you’re or a teacher looking to inspire the next generation of frog enthusiasts, then these kids frog projects and frog lesson plans are just the thing you need to complete hands-on, memorable lessons that students will remember for more than two weeks.

Let’s dive into the croaky world of amphibians with Croak 'n' Roll: Exciting Frog Activities for Elementary Students. Explore frog life cycles, habitats, and adaptations in the classroom. From colorful frog posters to hands-on field trips, ignite curiosity and love for nature.

Explore frog life cycles, habitats, and adaptations in the classroom with these hands-on frog learning activities for elementary.

Creative Frog Lesson Plans for Elementary Students

From colorful frog posters to hands-on field trips, ignite curiosity and love for nature. Whether in first grade or fifth, these fun frog activities for kids inspire kids to love learning from a young age.

Elementary kids will have tons of fun learning about the life cycle of a frog and other fun frog facts in these hands-on frog activities for kids!

Life Cycle of a Frog Activities and Other Frog Lessons for Elementary

In this list of resources, you’ll find a lot of different things to teach kids related to frogs! With lessons on frog life cycles to frog habitats, there are a lot of fun ways to learn about frogs in elementary school!

After completing these activities, your elementary class will have a deeper appreciation for frogs and other amphibians and how frogs are vital to preserve to maintain the stability of many ecosystems around the world.

Materials for Egg Carton Frogs and Other Kids Frog Activities

Here are some common materials that you will need to complete these elementary frog activities.

Frog Teaching Resources

Here are some teaching resources you can use alongside any study of frogs!


Frog Math Busy Bag

frog life cycle mat

Frog Life Cycle Mat

frog math word probems

Frog Math Story Word Problems Box

tropical frogs memory match game

Tropical Frogs Memory Sort Game

frog timer

Frog Classroom Timer

amazing frogs of the world science kit

Amazing Frogs of the World Science Kit

life cycle sequencing puzzles 1

Life Cycle Sequencing Puzzles

frog life cycle blocks

Real Life Cycle Specimens

frog life cycle specimins

Frog Life Cycle Blocks

frog abacaus

Frog Abacus

fair and square bug kit 1

Fair and Square Insect Kit

sum swamp game 1

Sum Swamp Game

frog growing starter kit

Frog Raising Starter Kit

rainforest frog toys

Rainforest Frogs Toys

frog life cycle puzzle

Frog Life Cycle Puzzle

parts of a frog plushie

Parts of a Frog Plushie

4d frog anatomy model

4D Frog Anatomy Model

frog life cycle kit

Frog Life Cycle Kit

For specialty items like frog dissection kits or digital tools, explore educational supply stores.

And if you want more spring lesson plans, check out this list of spring lesson plans!

Spring STEM Lesson Plans

If you want ready-to-go, low-prep spring lesson plans, you’ll love these resources. Spring science can have an emphasis on regeneration, growth, new life, birth, seasons, and weather.

poison dart frog coloring sheets

Unique Types of Frogs for Kids

Here are some little known frog species that are different from most frogs around the world. Here are some of the most unusual frog species identified by scientists.

There are over 7,000 species of frogs worldwide, ranging from tiny tree frogs to hefty bullfrogs.

Rhacophorus nigropalmatus wallace flying frog.

Some frogs can not only hop, but glide as well! Certain frog species, like the Wallace’s flying frog (Rhacophorus nigropalmatus), have specialized membranes between their toes that act like wings, allowing them to glide from tree to tree.

Cochranella pulverata glass frog under belly

There is one special species of frog called the glass frog (Cochranella pulverata). This unique frog has transparent skin and you can see all of the frog’s internal organs from the outside.

Surinam toad pipa pipa

Some frogs are extremely good at hiding and camouflage. The Surinam toad (Pipa pipa) can blend into it’s surroundings because it looks just like a resembling a dead leaf.

Some frogs are quite large, but some are quite small! The smallest amphibian in the world (identified to date) is the Paedophryne amauensis, which is not only the world’s smallest frog, but also the smallest known animal in the entire world with a backbone.

Paedophryne amauensis smallest frog

The Paedophryne amauensis frog is about the same size as a fly, and you can fit about 10 of them onto a single dime (if they would stay still!).

Another unusual frog species is the Ornate Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata). Scientists have named this frog the “Pacman” frog, because it is always eating!

Ceratophrys ornata ornate horned frog

It has a large mouth that is 6 inches wide, which is half the size of its total body length.

Most frogs are hairless, but the hairy frog (Trichobatrachus robustus) is an exception. This furry frog looks much more like a dinosaur than many other frogs living today.

hairy frog (Trichobatrachus robustus

This frog is also nicknamed the “wolverine frog” and “horror frog,” because to protect itself it will break its own toe bones and protrude them through their skin to act like claws.

STEM Extension Ideas with Frogs

Get ready to dive deeper into science, technology, engineering, and math with these STEM extension ideas featuring frogs. From exploring frog behavior in different weather conditions to designing frog habitats using recycled materials, these activities will enhance elementary students’ understanding of frogs.

Have students observe frog activity during different weather conditions and record their findings. Frog behavior will change depending on the weather, and frogs can almost be used to forecast weather.

Discover the fascinating realm of reptiles with Croak 'n' Roll: Engaging Frog Activities for Primary Students. In the classroom, investigate the life cycles, habitats, and adaptations of frogs. Embrace curiosity and a love of the natural world with engaging field trips and vibrant frog posters.

Challenge students to design and build their own frog habitats using recycled materials. Encourage them to consider factors like space, temperature, water quality, and hiding spots. This hands-on engineering activity promotes creativity, critical thinking, and environmental awareness.

Incorporate math into frog-themed activities by exploring concepts like measurement, data analysis, and geometric shapes. Have students measure frog jump distances, graph population growth rates, or calculate the volume of a frog habitat. It’s a ribbiting way to reinforce mathematical skills in a real-world context.

Combine STEM with art by having students create anatomically accurate frog models or illustrations. Encourage them to research frog anatomy and incorporate scientific details into their artwork.

Turn students into data detectives by analyzing real-world frog population data. Provide them with datasets from local conservation organizations or citizen science projects and challenge them to identify trends, make predictions, and propose conservation strategies.

Classroom Decorations for Spring

Here are some fun spring decorations to use to brighten up the classroom if spring outside is taking its time to arrive!

paper bug cutouts

Bug Paper Cutouts

4 season classroom door decorating kit

4 Season Classroom Door Decorating Kit

Never Stop Growing Bulletin Board

Never Stop Growing Bulletin Board

bunny bulletin board

Bunny Bulletin Board

paper flower decorations classroom

Paper Flowers

spring holiday door decorating kit

Spring Holiday Classroom Door Decorating Kit

hanging flowers

Hanging Paper Flowers

farmers market deluxe classroom decorating kit 79 pc 14356242 a01

Farmer’s Market Classroom Decorating Kit

4 seasons classroom tree decoration

4-Season Classroom Tree

spring vibes classroom door decorating kit

Spring Vibes Classroom Door Decorating Kit

Get even more spring decorations for the classroom here!

More Frog STEM Activities

Here are even more fun frog STEM activities perfect for the elementary classroom.

Spring STEM Lesson Plans

If you want ready-to-go, low-prep spring lesson plans, you’ll love these resources. Spring science can have an emphasis on regeneration, growth, new life, birth, seasons, and weather.

Frog Shirts for Teachers

When learning about frogs, wear these awesome frog shirts for teachers!

frogs all over

Frog Hawaiian Shirt

teaching frogs shirt

Teaching Frogs Shirt

frog socks for teachers

Frog Socks for Teachers

poison dart frog shirt

Poison Dart Frog Shirt

dangerous poison frog shirt

Dangerous Frogs Shirt

happy frogs teaching shirt

Happy Frogs Teaching Shirt

cottagecore teacher shirt

Cottagecore Teacher Shirt

teach kids to read frog shirt

Teach Kids to Read Frog Teacher Shirt

100 days smarter frog shirt

100 Days of School 100 Days Smarter Frog Teacher Shirt

teaching is frog shirt

Teaching is Un-frog-gettable Teacher Shirt

read books be kind frog teacher shirt

Read Books Be Kind Frog Shirt

ultimate frog guide shirt

Ultimate Frog Guide Shirt

frog and toad book shirt

Frog and Toad Book Shirt

poison dart frog socks

Poison Dart Frog Socks

frog lifecycle shirt

Frog Life Cycle Shirt

15 Hands-On Frog Activities for Elementary Students

Whether integrated into a science curriculum exploring ecosystems or introduced as a standalone thematic unit on amphibians, these creative frog activities promise to ignite students’ curiosity, deepen their understanding of biology, and bring joy to the classroom.

poison dart frog coloring sheets

Through exploration, discovery, and interactive fun, students will leap into the world of frogs with enthusiasm and delight!

20 Hopping Frog Activities for Elementary Students

These elementary frog activities for kids are the perfect educational way for elementary students to learn about frogs in a fun, hands-on way! These frog lesson plans and frog activities for elementary students will spark a variety of fun ideas that you can use to make your classroom memorable and exceptional.

Frog Science Books for the Classroom

Here are some books to learn more about frogs with your class!

from tadpole to frog book

From Tadpole to Frog Book

the frog scientist book

The Frog Scientist Book

a frogs life cycle book

A Frog’s Life Cycle Book

frogs scholastic discovery book

Frogs: Scholastic Discovery Book

frog heaven book

Frog Heaven: Ecology of a Vernal Pool Book

frog song book

Frog Song Book

poison dart frogs book

Poison Dart Frogs Book

poison dart frogs up close book

Poison Dart Frogs Up Close Book

face to face with frogs national geographic book

Face to Face with Frogs National Geographic Book

science comics frogs

Science Comics: Frogs

why frogs are wet book

Why Frogs are Wet Book

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