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How to Make Fluffy Unicorn Slime

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Slime recipes are too much fun, and there are so many amazing slime variations to try. If you need a new slime recipe in your life, why not make fluffy unicorn slime?

Follow along with these directions to learn how to make your own fluffy unicorn slime recipe!

Learn how to make fluffy unicorn slime! It's so easy and takes just 3 ingredients! This low-mess slime is perfect for unicorn lovers!

Directions to Make Fluffy Unicorn Slime

What makes slime unicorn slime? Whatever you want it to be!

But in general, most slime makers seem to agree that if the colors are bright, fun, and have pink, purple, and blue, it counts as unicorn slime!

Just to be safe, try to have pastel pink, purple, and blue on hand when making your fluffy slime.

What You Need to Make Fluffy Unicorn Slime

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Ingredients to Make Slime

Make It a Slime Science Activity!

If you love slime. grab the slime science lab and learn a little bit about the science behind slime with these slime worksheets! It’s a fun way to bring a taste of science to your slime activities!

slime science lesson

Unicorn Slime Variations

We’ve made several versions of unicorn slime. Unicorn poop slime is a favorite! And dark unicorn slime will please any one who prefers a darker color palette.

What If My Slime Fails?

If your slime is still sticky, you can keep adding slime activator bit by bit until the slime is the consistency you like.

It is almost impossible to mess fluffy slime up, but if it starts to get stringy, you may have added too much activator.

If that happens, you can rinse the slime in water and let it rest for about 5 minutes then knead as normal.

This will usually fix the two main problems that occur with fluffy slime.

You can see in this video that our fluffy slime starts out stringy, but as we knead it the appropriate texture appears.

How to Make Fluffy Unicorn Slime

Most slime makers seem to agree that if the colors are bright, fun, and have pink, purple, and blue, it counts as fluffy unicorn slime!

Here are step-by-step directions for making fluffy unicorn slime. If you run into any problems, make sure to check out our slime troubleshooting guide.

First, mix about 1/2 a cup of white glue in 3 different bowls. Add your blue, purple, and pink food coloring to each bowl. The more color you add, the darker your unicorn slime will be.

fluffy slime recipe

So if you want pastel unicorn slime, then you’ll want to add just a bit of color.

Mix in the color with the glue, then add more if you want. If you are happy with the color, or it is slightly darker than you want the final slime to be, you’re good to go.

fluffy unicorn slime

Add 1/2 a cup of shaving cream to each color and stir.

Next, add about 1/4 of a cup of liquid laundry starch to your glue mixtures and stir.

mess free unicorn slime

You want the slime to be soft and stretchy, but not stringy.

slime science lesson

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